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S01.E08: Mass

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Airdate 2020.09.24


As Marcus continues to embrace his Mithraic devotion, Sue worries he may no longer have her and Paul’s best interests at heart. Meanwhile, Mother experiences what she believes to be malfunctions, and Hunter works on a secret project with Father.


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Finally catching up. This may be the most disturbing episode yet between all the bodily fluids flying about and the reveal that original recipe Campion's big master plan was to save humanity by mixing his seed with android tech without ever bothering to clue Mother in about it and hey, those embryos I tasked you with? Those were just practice. Again, genetically none of this makes any sense unless original Campion knocked her up with a mega litter. And really not even then unless his master plan envisioned her doing a much much better job of keeping the expendable embryos alive to expand the gene pool. Meanwhile, the humans are making frowny eyes as their new leader goes further and further off the beam but don't question or push back at all when he plays out a domestic violence scene right in front of them and even pitch in to help. Marcus 2.0 in the throes of religious ecstasy as the church burned was about as close to going full Vikings as the show has dared. 

I do really hope they're going somewhere with Marcus 2.0 is an asshole who may be losing his mind to think he's a prophet. The flashback to everyone who wasn't a chosen one crammed in to watch the ship leave them to a dying planet does nothing to dissuade me that this isn't a religion primarily by and for assholes, so I guess if that's all there is to it at least he fits right in. Father blankly persuing the child he once cared for through the woods was awful.

I rather enjoyed Karl, the medic bot. It sucks if that's it for him because he was a source of much needed levity and voice of practicality on a show that has precious little of it.


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Marcus cutting off his face is not something I needed to see straight up. Thanks a bunch, Ridley! 😝

I knew Father was doing Morse code!

Poor Sue. She should've never thrown in with that maniac, love or no. But she can't out Marcus without incriminating herself as well. The cult would likely kill them both and then where that leave young Paul?

So, the Mithraic basically believe that STEM comes from Sol. I don't necessarily have a problem with that unless math, science, etc., are used to do/justify evil in the name of religion.

Bye Karl, we hardly knew ye. (BTW, someone on reddit said it was Ricky Gervais in the Karl costume. Anyone here know whether that was really him? IMDb credits the voice at least to another person.)

When Mother sampled that monster's blood I was waiting for her to say it tasted like copper. 🙄 Anyhoo, the monster's profile sort of resembled a xenomorph in the head area to me. Is this series going to wrap around to the Alien/Aliens universe, and be so obvious about it?

An android is pregnant. Okay, I might be out now. I don't know what that thing is inside Mother but it's not human. This show is the last place I would've expected to see an anti-abortion plotline but maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention when I watched all those Alien/Prometheus movies.

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This show is so random - but not in a good way..
It appears that the bucket-head rapist (doing the Lord's work) and his android keeper have disappeared for the moment. 
There is not a single voice of reason among any of the crazy religious folk. They stop everything to build a church because Paul stacked up some stones.  

It is interesting (not) that it is only a short walk from a desert, to a forest and to the little barren farmstead that Mother murder-bot established. Where are they getting water? Apparently it never rains, only snows. 

Karl, the medic bot, is how I would prefer the androids to look.  It is so lazy to have androids portrayed by humans with a few facial tics and robotic dialogue delivery. The don't even bother to deal with peach fuzz hair, pores, moles, etc. 

Only two more episodes to get through.. Praise Sol.

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