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S08.E14: Dustin & Keegan

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In the midst of quarantine, Nev and Kamie remotely help 24-year-old Dustin find out the truth about his 8 year online relationship with Keegan. A shocking discovery forces Dustin to face his biggest fear of the past 8 years.

Airdate: August 26, 2020

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I agree, I found myself doing other things during the episode. It’s the same old format every time. They read the email, talk to the person, hunt the Internet, report back to the person, plan a last-minute trip the night before flying out. They meet, he/she is not who they said they were, the poor person is so heartbroken they have to go sit in the car for a while. And so on.

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Nev and Laura's kids are just adorable. 

Dustin reminds me of Jim Parsons. Both he and Keegan are cute and seemed like basically decent guys, but there wasn't a lot of sparks flying, good or bad. The Zoom format probably isn't going to be the most scintillating platform for every situation, depending on the personalities involved.

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