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S02.E03: American Music

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Disc Jockey Alan Freed plays rock and roll for the first time; Kris Kristofferson gets his big break with some help from Johnny Cash; music producer Sylvia Robinson assembles the Sugarhill Gang.


Guest stars: Jack McBrayer as Alan Freed; Johnny Knoxville as Johnny Cash; Jon Daly as Kris Kristofferson; Emily Zemler as Janis Joplin; Laura Hudock as June Carter Cash; Retta as Sylvia Robinson


Narrators: David Wain; Colton Dunn; Eric Edelstein

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Disc Jockey Alan Freed plays rock and roll for the first time.

He may have played it for the first time but he didn't invent the term. Not sure why the show gave the impression that Freed just casually came up with it. The expression had been in use for years in blues and jazz circles before he apparently popularized it via his radio show.

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Loved Retta. I wanted that segment to be longer.


I'm also a big fan of Jack McBrayer, so I enjoyed him as Alan Freed.


One other thing: A guy pulls his pants down in a bar to light his fart?! 

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I knew a little bit about the story of Rapper's Delight, but I didn't know Hank was a pizza guy or that Herc didn't want to make a record. DJ Kool Herc is widely credited as *the* inventor of rap. 


Johnny Knoxville didn't have much to say, but he did a good job as Cash. 

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