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S01E09: Poisons

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Whelp, we now know what happens to those who cross Nimue when she's holding the sword.  Give her a hand!  Or two!!  Sorry....

Merlin gets jumped by the mysterious whistling guy that has been tracking him this entire time, but manages to avoid death since the guy fell for the oldest trap in the book by monologuing, instead of just finishing the job.  But it does look like the poison is still going through his body, so that is certainly a troubling development for him!

Uther finally has enough of Lady Lunete and poisons her as well!  Talk about parent issues!

Nimue and Arthur finally have some "We probably won't see each other again!" sex.

Hey, Squirrel's real name is actually Percival!  Actually not a bad twist.  It certainly helps that he's actually one of the characters I like (and, again, I usually get annoyed by child characters.)

Creepy Iris better not lay a finger on Pym!

What are you doing with that dog corpse, Morgana?!

More alliance shuffling, I see.  With Uther officially in charge, he is willing to let the Fay go if Nimue turns her and the sword over to him, and she seems to accept.  But now Cumber the Ice King wants to throw in with the Red Paladins, and take her out.  Twist!

Off to watch the final episode and get this series knocked out!

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Even if it is the dark influence of the sword, I kind of like hard ass zero tolerance for bullshit Nimue. In fact, I think we should give her a hand..sorry I know that @thuganomics85 got there first, but I couldn't help myself! 

I mean, with armies on all sides trying to kill her and now her own people who she is trying to keep from being slaughtered are going around killing random people for no reason, presumably making the situation even worse, and increasingly stupid and petty people trying to make excuses (its totally normal to beat random people to death after a battle! Its not a big deal!) and continued bigotry (they're all yucky barn animals! And smell bad!) for their bullshit, I kind of cant blame her for getting stabby. I mean, it is the early dark ages after all (I think?) thats just kind of how leadership worked. 

Speaking of leaders, Uther has finally shown some real bite. He poisoned his not really mom is apparently the same way she murdered his bio mom, while giving a speech about how he isn't surprised her babies all died in her cold blood (ouch!) and then told the red cloaks to kindly suck it and please stop burning my kingdom to the ground now.

Squirrel is actually tiny Percival! That...actually lines up pretty well, good job show! I am kind of enjoying playing "who is going to end up being an Arthurian character" as we get introduced to more people. 

Oh so NOW emo monk is all "I dont kill children" when he was totally cool with all his buddies running kids through with swords left and right? Did you not notice anyone about the guys your rolling with? Yeah right with you there Gawain, screw this guy and his "I dont kill children" bullshit. Are we going to be stuck giving this fantasy land Kylo Ren some kind of redemption arc? After this many murders? Yeah, they are going to have to give him one HELL of a tragic backstory and do some seriously heroic stuff if they want that to fly. 

Pym is definitely the most relatable character on this show. "I chocked on an peanut...your serious." 

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WTF. Gramaire is surrounded by the Red Paladin army as well as Uther's army, and yet when Merlin comes riding up to the gates there's nobody outside?? Oh, but then there's an establishing shot that shows an encampment maybe a mile away from Gramaire, yet in the close of the previous episode we see the armies rushing in from all sides. So they rode up to the city, waved hello, then went off and camped a mile away? Maybe they should have at least left some troops behind to keep people from coming and going.

I know Morgana's supposed to be all evil and whatnot but I agree with her. Nimue needs to learn how to control her power and kick some ass. She's been so damn passive through this whole story.

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