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S01E08: The Fey Queen

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Wait, it's been "Fey" instead of "Fae" this entire time?  My bad!

I guess time was of the essence over the Fey leaving their hideout, but I would have thought they could have at least whipped up a few booby traps on their way out.  The Red Paladins were going to burn it down anyway, so they might as well have tried to take down a few Red Paladins that way.

No surprise: the sword seems to be messing with Nimue's head and she is slowly, but surely becoming more and more like Merlin then she cares to admit.  But it seems like Arthur is able to get through to her for now.

Oh, so Pym's journey with the Vikings and them getting taken out by the Red Paladins was just a long and convoluted way to have her rejoin everyone else.

Did Squirrel actually do a fist-pump after getting permission to be in the search party?  Seems a bit modern.  At least he didn't dab or do the floss dance (yet?)

So, the Red Paladins are teaming up with Uther and his men (but, really, Lunete is clearly running the show on that front) to take on Nimue and the Fay.  And Cumber the Ice King also wants to defeat her to get the sword.  She's certainly become very popular in the worst way possible!  At least she might have an ally in the form of the Vikings led by Red Spear.

Morgana can now see the Grim Reaper?!

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So now Morgana can see death? Well in this show, she will certainly be seeing a lot of him. 

The sword is clearly messing with Nimue now, making her more like Merlin (and the murder stabby one, not the twitchy drunk one) and giving her some power lust, so thats probably something to keep an eye on. At least Arthur can still get her back to herself, and this gives her a something to do and more of an arc as a character. After spending most of the first half of the season being pretty much scared and confused, this is at least something. 

So now the fey and Nimue are going to be fighting like three armies all at once! Oh, this is going to be an absolute mess, it seems like maybe the best course of action would be to get them all to turn on each other instead of focusing on her. 

So Anakin Monkwalker is secretly fey? Gasp, will he actually have a point now?!

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I'm limping my way through this. It's not a good sign when it takes more than 10 days to watch a 10-episode series. This episode wasn't half bad, but considering there's only 2 left, I don't see this whole thing ending with anything other than a cliff-hanger and/or a "to be continued." 

I'm getting sick of this little girl, the one who wanted to join the Red Paladins, and who infiltrated the Fey so she could bring them the head of the Wolf Blood Witch. They keep showing her looking menacing and then they never do anything with her.

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