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S02.E09: At That Time

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Tiff in the Kiss makeup. OMG.

I just don't get Dawn being mad because she doesn't get the credit for causing Black Monday.

Tiff in the Tammy Faye Bakker makeup. OMG.

Blair was nine kinds of wrong for faking Roger's note but how could those church idiots not see through it? Blinded by their bigotry?

Gabe Egon. Never gets old.

Wait, so they were all executing Mo's plan to get them out of the FBI trouble? Yay?

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The makeup was brilliant as were Blair's comments to Tiff.  The Tammy Faye, I need extra eyeliner and mascara so it will run when I cry, , was so funny.  

When they panned back from Mo writing up the plan on his window, I was waiting to see the FBI spying on him from a distance.  

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Hot damn, that was good! I loved Mo pivoting to trying to figure out how to save everybody - it was a safe bet that he wasn't going to leave Dawn out to dry, but I find it weirdly heartwarming that he's apparently helping Blair and Keith too. Gotta love a good Mastermind Mo bit.

That fight between Mo and Dawn outside the restaurant was great: Mo warning Dawn about getting bunions, having to pay the restaurant/cab bill ("This is an expensive fight!"), Dawn's "are you a moron?" look when Mo tried to argue that wanting to marry her was BETTER than making her partner. Gold from start to finish.

Loved Tiff in the makeup and all of Blair's KISS jokes. Man, he was cold-blooded with that dry cleaning receipt. Great scene between Mo and Blair at TBD too.

The montage between Keith and his Lehman buddy (is it Lenny? I don't know which one is running the firm and which one got smashed in the car) was a delight, especially baiting the rich guy with the Rolex on a fishing line.

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On 7/13/2020 at 10:04 AM, Joimiaroxeu said:


I just don't get Dawn being mad because she doesn't get the credit for causing Black Monday.

I way behind. It was the biggest market scam so I can kind of see her wanting to be known in the right circles. 

Wow, 'find a patsy, like the o-ring'. Damn. 

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