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Sometimes I ponder the wayback from Mike Mizanin to The Miz to that sheltered Ohio kid on the Real World and then I realize how old (and mired in pop culture) I am...

But he's got a lot of personality in delivering cheesy jokes.

I'll watch. People flying into the water and crashing is never not funny to me. It's a mess of cheese and confused editing, but it's working as distracting filler right now.

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These hosts need to go ASAP. Mike only exists as a character at this point, Rocsi seems barely interested half the time (I've only seen her on here so I was shocked to learn she's an Emmy winner), and they spend too much time predicting/rooting for certain contestants. Simon is just awful in every regard.

I miss the obstacle course element that Wipeout had, but this'll do in a pinch, better if there was a way to mute Mike and Simon.

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Rocsi?   Seriously?   I hate that kind of alternate spelling.   And some of their stunts last week were seriously scared.  Two women quit after qualifying to move on and I don’t blame them.    

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