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S02.E07: Who Are You Supposed To Be?

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At a Halloween party, Blair tries to make the trade of a lifetime, Mo and Dawn argue over an opportunity, Tiff and Corkie loosen up, and Keith phones a friend.

Original air date 2020.06.29

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I missed this show so effing much. The plots are pretty ridiculous, but the writing is so snappy and the acting so good... I wanna take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant!

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It is so over the top but so funny.  Blair as George Michales was perfect.  The party was so well done for the time period, so may cultural references.  And I loved the just for men tramp stamp.  

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23 hours ago, PrincessPurrsALot said:

Blair as George Michales was perfect.

And Tiff looked like Tom Cruise in Risky Business! And Gus and Mo was from Coming to America! I saw a Beetlejuice too, and of course Audrey. 

I liked the play for shorting the yen to get the cash.  

Were tramp stamps trendy in 1988? 

And Lady Business!

One thing I always like about Cheadle is that he chooses characters that are actually sharp. They might be terrible people, but he's always moving fast. His ex-gf/FBI agent is making a huge mistake breaking the deal on him. 

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Heh, Don making a reference to Miles Davis.

Yes, Blair is like George Michael's twin! Wham era George Michael anyway.

The Bill Cosby jokes? Nah. Too soon IMO.

Dawn was gorgeous as Jessica Rabbit.

Giraffe laxative. Was that actually a thing? Why would giraffes need special laxatives?

The My Prerogative dance-off was hilarious.

Dang, Tuc Watkins has definitely kept it tight for a guy in his mid-50s.

Glad this show is back.

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