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S01.E06: Creekwood Nights

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Victor is nervous when Mia says she wants to take their relationship to the next level.


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Ha, Ali Wong as the sex ed teacher was an unexpected surprise!

Benji, your boyfriend is the worst. A one year anniversary is a big deal in high school and he wants to celebrate by going to see his friend's band play? NO. And then your boyfriend does something sweet like make you a homemade dinner to recreate your first date and your reaction is "I don't want to miss the opening act"? BYE.

And how do you not believe in anniversaries? Do you not believe in birthdays too?

Of course, there's the additional problem that Derek just confirmed he is a pretentious asshat. If someone told me we were going to see a band do bluegrass covers of TLC songs, I would tell them to lose my number. I'm guessing he has a crush on someone in his friend's band.

Andrew was unsurprisingly inappropriate and gross for asking Mia if she and Victor were having sex. GTFO, bro. But as soon as Mia confessed to Lake that she'd had sex once at summer camp with some random guy, I put my money on the mystery guy being Andrew.

I liked that Felix fully supported Victor not having sex yet though. It's nice to see a teenage boy whose reaction isn't "BUT YOU HAVE TO! DO IT! DO IT AGAIN!"

But dude, that angler fish analogy was terrible. I was with Lake when her response was, "You are so weird."

Ha, I felt so vindicated when Mia scrolled through her pictures and she was kissing Andrew. I knew it!

I think it's okay that Mia wants to get beyond hand holding and kissing, but I wish they would acknowledge that there's no need to leapfrog from kissing to having sex. There's lots of stuff you can do in between so there's no need to rush straight to sex.

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On 6/17/2020 at 6:32 PM, starri said:

I'm surprised to find myself all in on Felix and Lake.

They are pretty adorable. 

On 6/22/2020 at 6:14 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

I liked that Felix fully supported Victor not having sex yet though. It's nice to see a teenage boy whose reaction isn't "BUT YOU HAVE TO! DO IT! DO IT AGAIN!"

I like that Felix did that as well. He’s a good friend. Victor is 100% lusting after Benji- he’s looking at him like he’s a snack.

Now of course I’m not saying Victor would be ready to have sex with anyone, and I’m so glad that he told Mia how he felt (look at people actually having conversations)- but there IS something else and Mia can tell. I don’t think Victor is a bad guy (I think he’s very sweet actually), but I have a feeling someone is going to get hurt big time here and I don’t want that to happen to these sweet kids!

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