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S01.E03: Episode 3

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So Henck and Yan don't meet the brief (no topiary) and win, but the lion team is sent home because they "didn't meet the brief and lacked finesse"?? Pretty obvious favoritism. I would have been fine with Henck and Yan in the top (although I didn't find it such a "marvel") but they shouldn't be able to win if they don't meet the brief.

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Those teeth on the lion were truly dreadful.  I appreciated that they didn't just go bog standard African lion.

The Irish guys are starting to get on my nerves with their hoarding of materials that other teams need.  And they know they are good looking too.


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S1.E3: Huge Hairy Beasts


Lions and lemurs and hares! There's not a petal in sight as the artists assemble fantastical furry creatures out of grasses and recycled materials.

I can't lie - the reason I love flowers are the colors so I was interested to see what the contestants could do without that crutch.

I watch reality shows like this to see what the contestants can create, not for the drama, which is why I haaaaate seeing shady ass shit like Yan and Henck straight up stealing Chanelle's mirror and then Ryan and Andrew's rearview mirrors. I am not a fan of hogging resources so Eoghan and Declan's plan to take as much as they could was already annoying but then to see them taking plants from Andi and Ryan made me want to smack them. Quit being dicks!

Andi and Helen's koala was so cute. I loved how furry it looked. And those fuzzy ears were great.

Ryan and Andrew's wild boar was my favorite. I loved the snot coming out of the nostril and the mirrored tusks. The coconut husk face was amazing. The messy hair looked good too. It looked like their boar had been crashing through the bushes.

I give Chanelle and Raymond credit for switching their game plan after Eoghan and Declan took all the red grass that they originally wanted for their squirrel. The blue eyes were great. I thought the disco ball nut could have used a lot more mirror pieces but I guess they didn't have enough? They did a good job of making the squirrel look so soft and furry.

Hahahaha, I laughed so hard when Nick said that Taylor "used to practice Buddhism." Their shi shi lion was an interesting idea but the execution was awful. I couldn't even tell it was supposed to be a lion. The knife teeth were crooked which made it look really sloppy. The curled mane was done pretty well. My biggest issue was that the combination of the eyes and the sloppy red around the face made it look like a muppet.

Jim and Ralph's blue hare was great. It looked furry and the eyes cracked me up. I wanted to hear how they made the ears.

Eoghan and Declan's wolf looked good but not great. I didn't like the lumpy white part of the chest. Using the orange lights for the eyes was a fun idea.

Sarah and Jordan's lemur had a great face and I loved the eyes. The body looked too heavy and the tail definitely needed to be trimmed. But the guest judge seemed unnecessarily obsessed with the tail from the beginning.

Yan and Henck's orangutan was huge. The way they used the caryx grass for the fur was great and I liked the way they did the eyes.

I understand why the judges chose Yan and Henck as the winners this week, I would have given the win to Ryan and Andrew's wild boar.

I was totally fine with Taylor and Nick being sent home because that lion was an unrecognizable mess. At least you could tell what Sarah and Jordan's lemur was. To me, the difference was that the lemur would have been salvageable if they'd had more time to trim their grass. I don't think Taylor and Nick's could have been fixed without starting over.

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This was one of my favourite episodes because those scultures using grass look like they could be out for years and only use the occasional haircut.

I don't get why they have to fight over a limited amount of plants.  At least give them access to enough base materials and let them fight over some extra stuff.

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