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I have to watch this episode again, as I was half-asleep when I started it at 1:30 a.m. and had a hard time concentrating.  But at least Pedro Pascal got to talk a little more in this one than he did in the previous installment!

It's interesting because I used to be able to listen to Mando speak and hear a bit of Pedro's regular voice in there somewhere, and I could listen to Pedro speak and hear a wee bit of Mando in there too.  But when I looked away from the screen and listened to Pedro talk in this episode, I couldn't hear any Mando in there.  It was probably because I was so tired and not as focused, but I think it's also a credit to Pedro that he can change his voice just enough to fully convey the personality of this character whose face we don't see for most of the show.  It's not like he is using an accent -- that would be the expected way to change someone's voice to portray a character.  But he manages to become Mando just with some subtle adjustments to his own voice and speech patterns here and there.  It's not a dramatic transformation of his voice, but the changes are just enough to turn Pedro into Mando/Din.

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Lucasfilm Exec 1: I have a great idea! A documentary series about the making of the Mandalorian!

Exec 2: Sure. What do you think people would like to see in it?

Exec 1: The genesis of the story, twists and turns it went through in development, anything to do with Baby Yoda.

Exec 2: I have an even better idea! Let's not show any of that, and waffle on about other nonsense, much of which has been talked about infinitely elsewhere or is completely irrelevant.

Update! Next week will be talking about the cast. My bet, the last episode will be the story one. Gotta keep people subscribing.

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