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S02.E03: Trapped

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Harley and Ivy team up with Catwoman to steal an artifact from a museum that’s been boobytrapped by none other than Dr. Trap. Meanwhile, Dr. Psycho tries to prove himself as a leader, which Riddler exploits as an opportunity to escape.

(Note: the actual title card in the end credits calls this episode "Catwoman".)

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Finally, the Catwoman episode we've all been waiting for. They did good. She's as cool as the character needs to be, but it's pretty clear why we haven't seen much of her. Of course, more than anything this was an Ivy episode, but that is not a problem, because if I loved Ivy any more I would be out shopping for a kite. Not sure if I'm really down for the marriage storyline, but at this point I trust the writers to know where they're going, so it doesn't actually worry me.

The cast size worked well this week. We got an A story that wouldn't have worked as well if too many people were involved in it, and a B story that still felt integral.

And, as usual, we got the big silly moments, like Mr. Freeze's henchmen who don't know when to shut up, combined with the little silly moments, like King Shark wearing earmuffs.

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Wow. What a terrible version of Catwoman. As a big Catwoman stan and somebody who likes what they've done with most of these DC characters, that was incredibly disappointing. 

It probably rivals Aquaman in terms of like, total and complete caricature (but I'm not a huge Aquaman fan, so I didn't care as much with him). I HATE what Sanaa Lathan is doing with her voice there- that was like someone trying as hard as possible to sound as artificial as possible...I almost wonder if it would have been better overall if she just didn't do that and spoke normally.

I can't even picture this Catwoman with Batman, sadly. So it probably isn't happening. Sigh. Batgirl was a LOT better.

Maybe her purpose was to make Ivy and Harley look better (more three dimensional, more developed) in comparison or something. If that was the case, then yeah, it worked. 

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