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S01.E07: Cave of Kalpius

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The Milkman leads the gang underground; the players come together while Peter and Simone grapple with their feelings for each other; Janice meets someone who gives her an unexpected clue.

Airing Monday, April 6, 2020.

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Peter singing falsetto and Fredwynn motioning for him to go down...😆! And Elegant ‘Squatch! 😂 I loved this episode. I love this series.

What were they chanting in Latin? 
I liked Fredwynn’s chat with the obnoxious Not-Clara (loved when Peter shoved her aside when he got the 🎤) that brought about an epiphany about himself.

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Good episode.

Is our narrator a Chuck too? I think he was preparing for a jog and the show interrupted him to deliver a brief intro. Then due to lost motivation, he decided to not run and get an Italian ice.

I wonder what was going on with Fredwynn as he was spending a little time reading someone's dossier as the group was watching the blue and yellow teams walk by. Also, he snapped a picture of the Milkman as Peter chased him to the apartment elevator (will this come into play in future episodes?) And what did he do with the bag with the folders he took?

What game were the blue and yellows team playing that led them to request Clara.

Surprised Peter would attend the party and not go home after his embarrassing moment.

Elegant 'Squatch the matchmaker!


A lot of funny moments.....

Chucks was funny. He needed Nitrous?! It looked liked he already found and consumed plenty of it with other drugs.

(As the narrator is talking) in the background, Milkman and Peter run through the fountain but Fredwynn, Simone, and Janice decided "no... we'll go around the fountain".

Fredwynn tells the group he is on some watch lists.

Fredwynn reminding Peter he sustained several blows to the head and to not fall asleep. 

Fredwynn with the knife: "this cannot possibly surprise any of you".

After Janice said he's a clone. Only Fredwynn could respond with "30% of twins have a 3rd sibling they absorb in the womb".

Poor "fake" Clara! Promised two songs and Peter interrupted/grabbed the mic from her both times. I laughed as she was hanging there. Her mom is going to have a few choice words for the people that hired her.

Elegant 'Squatch: Peter sucks.

Simone: For your information he opposite of sucks.

Elegant 'Squatch: He blows.

Simone: Ok! Well! I walked into that one.

From now on,  I am going to start asking: "what would a serial killer do?"

Very nice scene with Peter and Simone.

I am happy to see Fredwynn finally realizing what a jerk he's been all his life. But he picked a bad time for "bonding" with Peter and Simone ( as those two looked to want a little alone time). How long was he standing there as Peter and Simone were slow dancing?

After Janice's encounter with the rude kids, her young self in her "ear" and Fredwynn brushing her off, I can see her not wanting to be part of the group and try to solve all this on her own. 

Jejune creates a "Memory to a media facilitation disc" and no one is surprised by this technology. 



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"This could not possibly come as a surprise to any of you." 

Really good episode, I've been wondering how things would play out when the game (seemingly) ends. So now we get some answers, but actually even more questions than what we started with! Of course fake Clara comes down to the stage with Dont Stop Believing! They really were going all out with the over the top cheesy drama here. So the game is over, it was all made up, everyone got the "your special" speech...except that we know that Clara existed, and this lady, The Architect, confirms that something really is going on here, and our team really did find something special and unique. 

Interesting if the show ends with a "its the journey, not the destination" sort of moral, that you can find things in the world that are wonderful and magic through connections with others and making the world the world you want it to be. Even now, when the game is seemingly over and all that is left is the after party, Fredwynn realizes that he has been kind of a jerk his whole life, always telling everyone how he is so much better than everyone (especially when he meets arrogant jerk Fake Clara) Peter opens himself up and takes a chance (with some help from Les Miz!) by telling Simone how he really feels, and Simone finally lets somebody in (complete with slow dance) and shows trust and vulnerability when faced with someone who could be there for her. Janice is close to finding the self actualization that her younger self keeps pushing her towards, but she still has a bit of a way to go.

Because of course, ITS NOT REALLY OVER! 

I am super glad that Peter and Simone got together, they are pretty adorable together, and Peter actually sounded pretty good when he was singing, especially at the end! Of course Jason Segal does have experience with singing, but I like how he sounded super awkward and then started to gain confidence as the song went on. Good for them! 

"What would a serial killer do?"

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I love this show because it just keeps surprising me. It’s campy, it’s funny, it’s honest, it’s heartwarming. 

Fredwynn on a watch list because of his conspiracy theories or does he just think he’s on a watch list because he is paranoid? 

“Peter, are you concussed? You’ve had a few blows to the head recently. Don’t fall asleep!” I laughed out loud.

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On 4/6/2020 at 11:20 PM, LittleIggy said:

Peter singing falsetto and Fredwynn motioning for him to go down...😆

The entire scene has me crying and trying to muffle my giggles so I didn't wake the baby. From the moment he looked at that stage and you just knew. His injured leg. His falsetto. The entire thing was so amazing. 

On 4/13/2020 at 4:00 PM, Auntie Anxiety said:

I love this show because it just keeps surprising me. It’s campy, it’s funny, it’s honest, it’s heartwarming. 


I feel bad that it sat on my DVR so long (life got in the way), but I have been watching it every night. It is fantastic. Funny and poignant and absolutely absurd. 


I haven't posted yet, but this show so far is fantastic. This episode in particular though . . . . I loved everyone's different reactions to the crime scene. Jason Segal was hilarious (I was mistaken. I wasn't being attacked and I never want to talk about it again. 😆😆😮😮). I admit that I have found Peter and Simone to be just incredibly shippable. I loved that they finally did something about it with the help of an elegan squatch.

There were so many great details. The talking dolphin and the cheesy dropping of Clara singing Don't Stop Believing almost killed me. On my Own might have finished me off if it wasn't simultaneously so adorable. 

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