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S10.E15: Mel B

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I liked it!  They played the "Mel smells great" card a bit too often, though.  Makes me wonder what she smelled like though.


And yay, it looks like no Helping Hands.

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I definitely want to know what fragrance she wears. Or maybe she just smells like that.


I liked that during Props there seemed to be a friendly antagonism betw Colin and Wayne, or maybe just from Colin to Wayne. It seemed to start when Wayne walked away from a gag Colin was doing, which I can't remember right now, and then whatever Wayne did after that, Colin just didn't play along, like shooting him when he was a mermaid. There were one or two more. Anyway, it just amused me.


I also liked how both Ryan and Colin were insulting Wayne during the Scenery game. Generally I didn't like this game, but their constant teasing of Wayne was funny.


In SFAH I liked Ryan's Spiderman joke and Colin's The Hulk joke.


The fourth improviser (Michael something?) has a good singing voice, but sometimes I couldn't understand what he was saying, and I think the audience was having a hard time too. He needs to enunciate better.


Mel B sure has a nice bod.

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Introductions: Wayne--Ready for action, Gary--Ready for love, Colin-- Ready for this jelly, and Ryan-- Ready for bed.

Games: Scenes From A Hat, Duet, Dubbing, Props, Living Scenery, and Doo-W**.


I loved Doo-W** so much! I love the break when Colin does spoken-word, as many if not all songs of that style do. I hope they do more of that next season. Maybe they can reinstate the pulling-someone-from-the-audience for this game? A doo-w** song about you? What a super night!


I feel there was too much about Mel B smelling good. That gets creepy, even watching it.  Even the credits read was everyone trying to help Mel find a name for a new perfume! 

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