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S02.E18: Welcome to the Team

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When Grover joins Calvin's youth basketball team, Gemma finds herself at odds with some of her neighbor's coaching methods. Also, Tina and Marty are forced to confront a long-buried Butler family secret.

Airdate: 03/16/2020

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This episode was crazy.

Gemma: If you want Grover to be on a team, he has to earn that. Somebody  has to be the equipment manager. I guess.  I never played sports. I don't know how important an equipment manager is.  I do have to wonder why anybody would do it if they are treated as badly as this episode indicates.

Calvin: That was not OK.

And that whole snake thing was just weird.  

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The thing is Tina was picking up that snake with no hesitation and waving it around like it was fake. So for her to then freak out when it went missing made no sense to me. Either you're scared or you're not. 

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I liked the little jokes at the start of the episode about the sports kids play at Grover's school and Calvin's reactions to them, they were genuinely funny. 🤣 The lines about Dave being the tree in the school play were good too.

The Marty-Tina plot didn't make much sense, it feels out of character for Marty to be so sinister and all that for a pie and a clean apartment. He is probably a clean freak anyway.

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