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S06.E15: Relentless

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No comments yet, wow. 

I guess there isn't too much to comment on. Except for some snark (and I'm a new viewer, I've watched N.O. on and off on reruns). Drives me crazy when Gregorio puts on the NCIS baseball cap and her hair is all messy over her ears and in a loose ponytail. Girl, pull your hair back. And, eat a cookie or something, your face is looking sunken in.

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It always drives me nuts on all of the "forensics" shows (way in the CSI's, etc.) when the crime scene people/techs/agents/etc. don't tie their hair back properly or dress appropriately.  Yeah, it gets hot and sticky in NOLA but tank tops, etc. are not appropriate for crime scene work.  I gotta say the NCIS shows (well, I gave up on the LA version its first year) usually try to dress more appropriate than the CSI's ever did but the hair, tie that up.  There's too much chance of contamination.  Heck, that can happen in the lab if the techs are carful.  

New guy, ugh, he majorly needs a comeuppance.  Yes, he's handsome but very much a dick.  I'm sure TPTB will come up with some tragic backstory so we'll feel sorry for him and/or accept him as the next best thing.  Sorry, we already have someone that is unbearably obnoxious and egotistical in Grigorio.  And I still can't stand her.

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On 3/21/2020 at 11:05 PM, Linderhill said:

New guy, ugh, he majorly needs a come uppance - ending quote me: .nobody acts like that when they first join a team.  He’s low man on the team and acts as if he’s in charge.   Why didn’t Dwayne and Hannah put him in his place? Why did Patton have to do it 

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