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S02.E01/E02: Mixie Dixie/ So Antoine

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Moe is back, baby!  And he has hair so long that one has to wonder how long he was gone . . . .  PPAL goes off to search for hair growth formulas. 

The season starts 2020.03.15 with two episodes:


After the fallout from Black Monday, Dawn and Blair pursue a new deal from different directions while Mo runs from his past


Mo has an unexpected guest, and Blair and Tiff go looking for a new home.


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Quite timely to premier the show in the current climate. 

That dramatization was hilarious, and I loved the running gag about all the magazines with jet in the title. 

Didn't Tipper Gore invent the stickers? 

I think it was smart to get to Mo sooner than later. Cheadle is too good to be sidelined for too long. 

I love Artemis! 

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Wow, could this show have been more timely? Except now it's Black Monday every day. 😕

That "Hey, Hot Coffee! Want some cream?" line actually made me laugh. So silly.

Snoop! Good casting. And Patrick Fabian is securing the bag. He's also on Better Call Saul right now.

Lol, Blair on the cover of Jet magazine. In blackface. That sounds about right for Jet. They never would pass up a bandwagon, IMO.

Why would Blair be taking testosterone shots?

Are there any Wall Street firms whose traders are predominantly female?

Well, that took a turn. Countach meat is served tartare, apparently. 🤐

On to the second episode...

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Dang, has Tuc Watkins had some great work done or what? He doesn't look any older to me than when I used to see him on One Life to Live 20 years ago. His body is stunning for a guy in his early 50s.

Loved the real estate agent. She was a riot.

Doesn't seem to me Miami would ever have been far enough away for Mo to hide. This was definitely before the web and cell phones were in common use.

Well, Blair just turned into a domestic abuser, though it's emotional versus physical. Wow.

African-American Monday. 😑

Mo's going up against the Miami drug cartel? Good luck with that.

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Catching up and loving this show again.  Mo with long hair is wonderful.  If it was any more relaxed it would shit its pants.  🙂 

Blair getting all of the credit makes so much sense.

Keith rollerblading in jorts was the best.  I don't know if they could have found more unflattering shorts.  It was so perfect for Miami at the time.

I also enjoyed Tiff and Blair as a power couple.


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