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S01.E05: Song for a Winter's Night

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Good episode! (Although, I have to say that there is NO WAY that gown would have been sewn, by hand, in a night! Does this show know how sewing works?) I can't be mad about Katy being mad at Jorge for the machine. My machine is my baby, but I love the way he made it up to her. 

Also their musical numbers come off as way more sincere than in Riverdale (or Sabrina) why is that?

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I loved the fashion show at the beginning of the episode - so fun! Heh, but I also loved Gloria's assessment of the three pieces that Katy brought to her. If there's anything I've learned from watching every season of Project Runway, it's that your collection has to have cohesion!

I just rolled my eyes when Alex said his dad thought that Josie leaked the story about Alex and Alexandra dating. "Who else would know about this?" Uhhhh, everyone you went to high school with?

I know that I'm supposed to feel bad for Pepper because she's broke but finding out that it's because her daddy cut her off? GURL, you're a 25-30 year old adult who's been living at the Palace on your daddy's dime.

No surprise that Xandra was the one who actually leaked the story herself. She is definitely that kind of girl.

I did not blame Katy at all for being furious with Jorge for breaking her machine. He lived with Katy and her mom so he KNOWS that was her mom's machine. But even if it were just some brand new plastic sewing machine that she bought at Joann, he still shouldn't have used it without asking. That's just common courtesy. He already pinned up the hem of his Aida dress so he could have just left it that way for the performance.  I seriously doubt anyone would have noticed. Or he could have just used one of the HUNDREDS of other costumes that Katy made for him and waited one or two more nights for her to hem the Aida dress. He was being a selfish demanding baby about that dress. He knew that she only had one night to make a brand new gown for Gloria and he was whining about getting his dress hemmed.

I laughed when Katy said that the polar vortex forced them all to be honest. Seriously? Now there are just more people keeping secrets (Josie is keeping Pepper's secret about getting cut off by daddy, Josie took Mr. Cabot's deal and is now keeping it a secret from Alex that the condition of the deal was to keep him in check, Jorge and his mom are keeping Ginger a secret from his dad).

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