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  1. I really liked the Fitzcairn episodes. Especially Stone of Scone and the one with the country house murder.
  2. This show is good but Josie and her plot line belong in some other show. The tone, energy and the momentum do not match at all.
  3. Terrible camera work. Too close to the faces, too much movement and too many editing cuts.
  4. I have been reading Rex Stout, and this reminded me of Nero Wolfe's solution for defective dictionaries in the book titled Gambit :) One of the "intolerably offensive" mistakes is the suggestion that 'imply' and 'infer' can be used interchangeably.
  5. Great episode. Minimum political content. Alan Alda has taken on Michael J Fox's role on The Good Wife.
  6. The problem with Star Trek: Discovery is that there is no discovery. That aspect may come later, but right now it seems as if they have made a 10-hour movie rather than a sci-fi series that can last a few years. The Klingon plot should have evolved in the first season, in parallel with exploratory episodes, and these first two episodes should have been the last two of the season. The Klingon makeup is dreadful. I pity the poor actors.
  7. In terms of Liv taking on the characteristics of the victim, they have gone from subtle shades to heavy-handed strokes. Which is a shame.
  8. From what I have gathered, they are all demolition experts in those areas.
  9. I just saw a photograph of the candidates shaking hands and felt a shudder of revulsion on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The very idea made me feel sick to the stomach.
  10. Pierce Brosnan is being mocked by Twitter users in India, and it's his own damn fault. Search for his name along with the words "pan bahar". I was shocked when I saw the full page ad (front page!!), but the true horror came with the billboards and the one-minute TV spot. The product he is endorsing is low-end and stands for zero class. How the mighty have fallen.
  11. I love the opening credits of the Australian show Offspring. The style is that of a View-Master reel, clicking sound, movement and all, and they show the classic viewer model at the end of the sequence. It's one of the older ones, with the sharp, pointed edges.
  12. Pothunter

    Harry Potter

    I am re-reading the books and finding several things to pick at. I think J.K.R. did a great disservice to Ron Weasley. From a fine chess player (implying strategic thinking that could have been leveraged in later books), she turned him into an unlikeable jerk, good only for comic relief. However, I do love that scene in the HBP movie, where Ron has eaten the chocolates laced with love potion, especially the part where Harry sits on his bed and Ron sort of flows onto it almost simultaneously; that was beautifully executed. Rowling's romance writing skills are dreadful (the monster roa
  13. Hunter: “Oh yeah … good old Shake & Bake.” Got a big laugh out of that one.
  14. Why are the writers giving NZT to all and sundry? I thought one dose was sufficient to sound the death knell if the drug is withdrawn.
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