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S02.E02: Payment Deferred

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No surprise, this Colonel Carrera character is a piece of work.  Guy wants this war to keep going just so he and his unit can stay on the planet and keep killing folks.  Both Kovacs and Danica better watch themselves with him!

So, initially, Kovacs thought someone hijacked Quellcrist's sleeve, so he wanted to find her and put her down.  But now it seems like Quellcrist is still in there?  Is she being controlled by someone?  Or simply glitching?

Speaking of glitching, poor Poe's short term memory lapses are getting worse, and the only solution might be a hard reset, which would possibly make him lose all of his memories.  Tough.  Certainly not helped that Kovacs isn't the most supportive shoulder to lean on, to put it mildly.

Looks like the bounty hunter is using all of her money to put a reward for a mysterious person?  Hmm..

David Cubitt!

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Hmm, has Quell become a different person the way they were talking in the last episode that people change over time, especially over hundreds of years, or is she being mind controlled/fragged something??? it will be interesting to see what has become of her over the years and why she's going on a meth murder spree. 

I do hope Poe reboots soon, and without loosing everything he knows... but this glitch thing isn't going to go well. 

I'm assuming the Yakuza guy was who he was doing the job for in the first episode last season that got him killed in the hotel shoot out before he got put into Ryker? Or are we supposed to know him from something else??

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I know that this is a stressful situation and that the glitches are a real pain, but dont be mean to Poe Kovacs! He is pretty much the only friend you have! 

I hope that Poe can find a way to reset without losing his memories, these glitches are bad, but it seems really crappy for him to have to give up his memories and experiences. Isn't that the whole reason people keep going from sleeve to sleeve? So that people can keep their personalities and experiences beyond the death of their bodies? 

So Quell isnt a sleeve, but the actual person? Sometimes? Is she being controlled? 

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