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S02.E03: Nightmare Alley

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Kovacs contends with ghosts from his past as he's tortured by Carrera. Poe seeks help from a fellow AI. Trepp gets a lead on the man she's after.

Dropping on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

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Yep!  That was a fun enough way to briefly bring back "versions" of Ortega, Elliot, and Rei.  So, this planet's form of punishment is to abstract those closest to someone, have synths were their skins, and then force the convict to fight them.  Man, the future is crazy!

Luckily for Kovacs, the whole thing was televised, so Quellcrist was able to swoop in and help out (certainly helpful that the final synth was suppose to be her, so no one was ready for it.)  But it looks like Quellcrist now doesn't know who she is?  What is going on with her?

Aww, Poe's found a new friend (or maybe even more!) in the form of this Dig 301 character.  Yay, Poe!

Interesting that Danica ends up being just as ruthless and diabolical as Carrera, in her own way.  I guess those in power will always end up corrupt, thanks to their immortality.  As for Carrera telling his henchmen to wake-up "Evergreen", I have my suspicions on what that will end up being, but I'll wait and see.

Looks like Trepp is looking for her brother, who seems to have disappeared after being accused of being part of Quellcrist's faction.  Too bad she's lost her money, but she plans on getting back by.... going after Kovacs?!

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Nice to see so many actors from season one ding cameos, even if they're all playing different people. Loved Kovacs saying how Elliot hit WAY harder than this guy does. And that so many of Kovacs friends and family members kick so much ass that them beating this shit out of him does actually seem decently in character. 

So Quell knows enough that she knows she wants to save Kovacs, but doesent exactly know why she knows him, what he means to her, or even who she is! Did her brain get fried in a re-sleeving or something? Of course this place has public executions by way of beating someone to death, oh the drama! 

I love seeing the AIs more and how they interact together in their own AI spaces, and Poe managed to find a new AI friend...or more than a friend? How does AI dating work? I guess they can go pretty much anywhere for date night! 

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I loved that this season started out with another Meth hiring protection. I hated that it ended as fast as it appeared, and now we are stuck with "characters" missing old friends, protecting brothers, not remembering who they are, etc. Give us a mystery with some technology and societal impacts, show. Not a soap opera.

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