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S02.E07: Experiment Perilous

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Okay let's see if I've got this.  So when Harlan discovered the "empty" planet with the giant security grid around it and found his way onto it, he discovered an alien nursery beneath the surface.  So rather than admit he'd made a mistake and give up "Harlan's World" he decided to commit genocide and wipe out the nursery, not realizing that there was at least one adult of this "Elder" race still around.  That Elder ended up in stasis for 300 years due to it moving into Quell's stack before she got stuck in stasis pod.  But wait, that doesn't make sense -- the planet was already developed by them.

So . . . the last remaining Elder lay quiet for hundreds of years while the planet was being settled until something gave it the opportunity to move into Quell's stack.  The archeologists perhaps?  Did they wake it up?  But then it got stuck in stasis for another 300 years because it picked the wrong host (one that was in the middle of a vengeance tale). 

Have the virtual archeologists been out of business for 300 years -- the whole time Quell was stuck in stasis?

Damn, I'm confused.

But now I know that the "weapon" is called Angel-fire.  If it has a name it must have been used before.  I vaguely recollect hearing that term last season but they said (this season) it's the first time it reached the planet.  So last season was it aimed only at ships in orbit?

Sigh.  I'm going to have to re-watch season 1, aren't I?


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Should have known that it would end up being aliens.  It's always aliens!  Basically, Conrad and the rest of the founders discovered an alien nursery, and instead of reporting it and likely not being able to colonize the planet, they just executed everyone.  But they failed to realize that an adult alien was around, who apparently bided its time and struck a deal with Quillcrest to use her to enact her revenge on them, instead of burning down everything.  And I guess Hideki/Kovacs' mentor being the lone descender wasn't enough to avoid her wrath, since he didn't actually try to stop it from happening.

So, of course, Kovacs and crew building a virtual world to save Quellcrist is likely going to backfire big time, because not only is the alien pissed over them taking her, but as luck would have it, Carrera/Yager and Kovacs 2.0. slipped in their, so the alien has apparently hitched a ride inside Carrera instead.  Whoops!

Trepp jumping into Kovacs' new sleeve to save her family was fun.  And while Danica will obviously be back in a new sleeve, getting shot in the face had to have sucked!

Hope Dig 301 isn't gone for good.  Poor Poe needs some kind of win!  Well, at lease Kovacs finally admitted that he was being an asshole lately, which is about as close of an apology as one can get from him...

Finale should be interesting!

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23 hours ago, thuganomics85 said:

the alien has apparently hitched a ride inside Carrera instead.  Whoops!

That development had me cackling with glee.  This show is so twisty -- I'm never sure who I'm rooting for.  I love Wil Yun Lee but there are TWO of him now -- which one do I pull for? The one still wearing his face or version 2.0?

I'm team Poe & Dig all the way -- that's unambiguous.  And can I just say that Dig had BETTER come back.  I can't bear Poe getting his heart broken again.

As for the folks in the construct . . . I can't really blame Mama Alien for being REALLY pissed and going after everyone.  But now she's inhabiting Carrera/Yager who I hate.  So I'm kind of pulling for the ancient entity while despising the sleeve it's wearing.

Can I also say how much I loved Trepp wearing Tak's sleeve going in to save her wife and child?  Yeah I know Danica will spin up again but it was SO satisfying to see her put down.  Do NOT mess with a mother of ANY species when she is protecting her young.  That goes for both the Elder and for Trepp.

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Oh snap, we got aliens y'all! An alien who has been using/working with Quillcrest to get revenge for the alien killing spree Harlan got up to! Aliens! 

Glad that Kovacs did his best version of an apology to Poe for being an asshole to him lately, I guess him admitting what a jerk he was being and trusting him with Quillcrest is his version of an apology. Poor Digg, I hope that she can make it back again, I love her and Poe, and they both need a real win. 

Trepp riding around in Kovacs sleave to save her wife and son was awesome, she was kicking all kinds of ass this episode! If we learn anything in this episode, dont mess with a mama bear!

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Man, this show is hurting my brain. Half the time, characters don't look like they're supposed to and the other half, environments aren't real where people don't look like they are supposed to. Well until right before they jump into someone's brain. Now, Jaeger is the lucky winner. Or unlucky one depending on who I decide to root for.

Meanwhile, we separate people from alien mind intruders by putting up firewalls. Even someone like me who loves SciFi is starting to have some issues with my suspension of disbelief by now. Mind and body are not as separable as this show seems to think. How old is the source material?

I mean I get it, bodies are nothing but sleeves for minds but we know that identity is tied to physicality. I don't really know why I'm bothered by this so much all of a sudden. I mean, I was before but I guess having Trepp running around using Kovacs' body as if it was her own miffed me just a bit. Even Harry Potter realized that being in a bigger body would take some adjustment.

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