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S01.E02: Snap, Crackle, Pop

Message added by saoirse

NOTE: The second episode has been made available by USA on their YouTube Channel. You will be spoiled if you read this topic prior to the broadcast air date of Thursday, February 13, 2020.

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Why would there be so much traffic on the road in front of the Zoo? Everybody knows it is being worked on and there are long traffic delays, why can't they find an alternate route. The characters can stand in the middle of the street in the middle of town and not a single car drives by. What does the roads by the Zoo have that the center of town does not? 

They are Sex Cam workers! I realized that when I saw their equipment as Dill walked though their apartment. That explains why he answered the door without any pants on when Felicity came looking for the rent. That seemed like a real portrayal except for them working without having any air conditioning, they would have pestered their landlord to death to get it fixed, you can't work under those conditions.


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5 hours ago, Dowel Jones said:

He had wrapped it up and initially was trying to hide it from someone else in the house.

That was the homicide detective Gene Colder, who was trying to keep his wife, the one he is supposedly leaving in order to marry Pickle's blown up sister and fellow police officer Felicity for. Why he is still trying to spare his wife's feeling, I do not know. The wife seemed obsessed with cats from the way the house was decorated. The only thing that might of hinted at them possibly getting a divorce was he was sleeping in the couch.

There is a podcast made by USA Network that explains everything that is going on in simple English in the form of a True Crime podcast.   Zoo Town: A Briarpatch Recap Podcast

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I am trying to thank Dowell and AnimeMania.  I don'y know why my question repeated! Anyway, so much happened in the episode, I had forgotten about the dead cat.  The arty lighting effects sometimes make it hard to see what's going on.

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