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Did anyone one else watch this? 

I like it.

I love the variety of chefs, nice mix of different cooking approaches and representation of food types.

i like the 3 challenges. 

Those home chefs are brave to go up before all those pros.

Also nice to see so many of my fav Canadian chefs!

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It's a chance for all of the Big Name Canadian Chefs to get some more FoodNetworkCanada money. 🙂  Man, I still remember watching the Restaurant Makeover shows where Lynn and Masimoto were the chefs to help the restaurants recover. 


Not really like Chopped, other than it is a cooking competition show with eliminations until the winner is declared. 


In any case, I'm liking the show so far and will keep watching. The Chefs Fridge middle challenge is a good variant for a mandatory ingredient challenge. And with all those famous chefs involved, you get a lot more variety than Iron Chef for example. 

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On 2/10/2020 at 5:09 PM, PRgal said:

I've seen ads for it - is it kind of like Chopped?

A bit, but not really. They start with four amateur cooks. The first round they have to cook their signature dish. Second round, one of the 12 celebrity chefs on the 'wall' presents 3 ingredients that can be found in their fridge at home and the remaining cooks have to use them their dish. Usually there's one that's tricky for an amateur, but it isn't chopped level weird. Final round they have to cook something specific or use a specific technique. The wall of chefs are 12 chefs who are well known in Canada (lots of Top Chef Canada alums). Each round in judged by four different chefs, but they all watch and critique the contestants while they're cooking. 

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Wall of Bakers is airing now. I do question some of the "Bakers" on the wall since it's obvious just an extra way to get some of FNC's chefs on the air. But all in all it's been an interesting competition, and just as challenging as the savoury cooks. 

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The Chef’s fridge segment is also a lot of fun. Using three weird but common ingredients makes for a very interesting task. It is not so obscure as some of the things they use on Chopped so it is well within the wheelhouse of most home cooks.

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