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Battle Of The Secret Agent Ladies

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"Whereas Sydney and Vaughn totally did the sex with each other."

I vaguely remember an interview with Diana Rigg where she gave her private theory that Steed and Mrs. Peel had been lovers at some point in the past, and they had moved past a physical relationship while remaining intimate friends.

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No the chemistry answer is just wrong. Just because you have sex with someone doesn't mean you have actual chemistry. All kinds of people have sex. Anyone can do it - it's easy, especially if your conventionally attractive tv detectives. What Steed and Mrs. Peel had was irreplaceable. That category should be retired, with just a photo of those two looking at each other, in its place.

That changes the total in Mrs. Peel's favor, as it should.

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The actual chemistry of Garner/Vartan up until their real life break-up was unbelievable...in a good way. One thing is undeniable and it's the Syd/Vaughn chemistry, it's what held a lot of the audience when suspending disbelief for the plotlines was the most difficult.

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