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S10.E10: Now Leaving Illinois

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An incident in the Tamietti family presents Lip and Tami with a new opportunity; Faye's betrayal lands Frank in front of a judge; Mickey's antics drive Ian to online dating; Carl makes an unexpected discovery at his new job.



Original air date: 1/12/20

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I never thought Lip would leave Chicago so that was a surprise. But he and Tami are both going to move up there before either one of them has a new job lined up? And it sounds like Tami doesn't have any other family up there (since her dad and the aunt drove up to the grandmother's house to check on her) which means they will no longer have free childcare for Fred.

On the one hand, I can't blame them for wanting a free house that's also big, in pretty good shape, and not full of Gallaghers (and whatever random people are sleeping there at the moment). But it's really hard for new parents with a very young baby to have no support system whatsoever.

I knew it was just a matter of time before Ian and Mickey got back together. It's too bad that Byron had to get punched in the face repeatedly for that to happen. He may have been a hipster with a Vespa, but Ian was beating the shit out of his face.

Debbie needs to cut her losses and leave the girlfriend and her daughter behind. I understand the allure of getting paid $30/hr to just hang out at the house all day but she is just tempting fate. It's only a matter of time before she gets caught. Is she 18 yet? I can never tell how old any of the Gallaghers are supposed to be. I just remember that she dropped out of school at some point after she had Frannie. And who is watching Frannie when she's spending the night at her girlfriend's house? Is she still hiring that foster kid's sister?

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Has anyone read anything about Jeremy Allen White leaving the show? I wonder if they plan to write him out next season. Wow, first Fiona now Lip. There's just no gas left in this tank.

Exactly how dumb is Debbie supposed to be? Did she really think she could just dump the daughter without any chance she'd tell her mother what was going on? She can't possibly be this delusional.

It's very frustrating to see what the writers are doing with Kevin and Vee. I still like those characters and the actors playing them but it's obvious the writers are struggling to come up with material for them. It's some dumb new wacky scheme week after week. Why can't they get a decent storyline that plays out over the course of the season? I think it just speaks to how lazy the writing has gotten.  For a lot of characters, the writers are just phoning it in. It's the same for Carl. 

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I understand the "Daddy's Girl" attitude - but I don't understand why the Tamietti dad thinks Tami is such a great catch.  I know it much have been an after thought to bring Tami in as Cami's sister.  Cami appears to latina or biracial.  I don't remember her being that mean either (Brad's bender) until they brought Tami on.  The "no show, Brad" shows that it is Tami who instigates the meanness in that family.  I really wished that they had just killed her off.

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