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  1. I understand the "Daddy's Girl" attitude - but I don't understand why the Tamietti dad thinks Tami is such a great catch. I know it much have been an after thought to bring Tami in as Cami's sister. Cami appears to latina or biracial. I don't remember her being that mean either (Brad's bender) until they brought Tami on. The "no show, Brad" shows that it is Tami who instigates the meanness in that family. I really wished that they had just killed her off.
  2. I think this comes from the "hipster" invasion to the South Side attitude. I was born and raised in San Francisco so I kind of understood what he meant. Lol after all this is "Shameless" - too.
  3. I like the girls (Brennan, etc.) who try out year after year, fix the corrections - and work to make the squad. While I don't particularly think Alexandra/Alejandra is a good dancer - I feel for her when she tries out every year and gets cut. She is one of those girls who they could hide or blend if needed. I prefer these stories to the some people who feel like they are entitled to a spot, don't really seem like they care if make it, and aren't eye catching dancers - lol at least for the right reasons.
  4. I'm not a fan past the show so I didn't know the podcast had ceased. Can I say the jaded skeptic in me says that this is convenient? You have a disgruntled group - many who have nothing to lose because they are retiring - too much of a liability to give them a forum to air dirty laundry.
  5. This is the part that saddens me. I think Lip is smart - but they have to show he cannot succeed. If he succeeds then the family by default - has a modicum of success too (no more schemes for money, etc.)
  6. The lady (or ladies) doth protests too much me thinks. TBH if Aunt Kelli promised her a spot - and that was it, VK can blend. It's the trying to make Fetch happen, the solos, et al is what is pissing people off. Ok, I don't want to speak for anyone - it's pissing me off. Don't tell me you have a world class team; full of integrity and all and then showcase a hack who can't even point her feet. Kelli was correct when she told Dayton that as a legacy she is scrutinized even more. That's the way it SHOULD be. Yet VK is given a pass - on weight, on ability, and even on theft.
  7. I can't say I share that same experience. I have seen dancers who have precision and synchronicity - live and captured in photos. Technique and training instills muscle memory.
  8. Point your damn feet VK. Can't even get that right. This girl is a hack.
  9. That made me think of "Shameless" which is another Showtime show - has no problem with male nudity.
  10. I thought the arrangement was Pepa was going to give incremental payments to Debbie for ongoing visits with Frannie. Debbie did ask for a check when she dropped Frannie off ($500 - as that is the amount Lip mentions he received as a loan from her for the RV payment). When the visit goes bad - Pepa pays Debbie the balance.
  11. I think from the very beginning - both Noah and Alison were written as very unsympathetic characters. Eventually there was really no one to "root" for on the show. I feel like Alison was dismissed of in a very abrupt manner and the fallout was an unbelievable, unsalvageable storyline. I'm sorry of Ms. Wilson was made to feel uncomfortable - but in a sense what did she think was going to happen on a show that is about an "affair?" I mean from the very beginning there was always pretty graphic gratuitous sex on this show.
  12. Regardless of the writing - I think he works with what he is given. I invariably cringe whenever he is on screen. He looks like he smells. lol I think he is very method.
  13. lol probably - but when you are united against a common enemy, these things tend to work out.
  14. Isn't what he received the equivalent of a high school diploma?
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