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  1. Why can’t tami’s family sell grams house to pay for the sick baby? The house in WI that was offered for them to live in?
  2. I hate Tami. Who the fuck is she to expect the Gallaghers to chip in for her sister's kid?! I know Lip has some sort of obligation because he is married to her - but more for his feelings for Brad. If something happened to my daughter no way would I start counting my sister in law's family's assets. Not to say she wouldn't offer - but I would never expect.
  3. I know the mechanic reports to Moff Gideon's crew person that the tracker has been placed on the Razor Crest - but do you think Greef Karga double crossed Mando? He seemed to have a lot of faith in that mechanical crew.
  4. Chris Perez is the saint. He got sued by Abraham for writing about their relationship and ended up having to pay for Abraham's legal fees. Selena was an adult when she died, She was married. Yet her father controlled everything. Even in death.
  5. Macarons are made with almond. I agree regarding price - a dozen Laduree macarons are $45.50.
  6. Ok, when I posted this pic, I thought to myself about a scene from the Blindside when the relative leaves a voicemail... "i may be drunk but is that a black boy in your Christmas picture?" Turns out his name is Jamarr and the Drummonds are fostering him. She's writing a book about it. I know all of you can come up with some pretty good titles. LOL.
  7. Is America really leaving? I thought she changed her mind and is staying because COVID made her realize, she might not have other options. Did I imagine reading that somewhere?
  8. When people like Lil Wayne, Patti LaBelle, and Dion Warwick get voted off early - you realize they are there to give the show "cred" and have arranged not to spend too much on the show.
  9. Not a good look for Paige - the coloring is way off.
  10. I thought the part about being close to the girls was a bit much. I hate watch a show that contradicts itself. Rachel W has never been a favorite of mine - she's appeared in black face, and is homophobic?! Then to read here - that her opinions are not an anomaly? So really how "close" does Marshall think he is to these girls
  11. LOL - please excuse me, I think I hear Fabio calling. Texas "style" is not something I follow, so consider the source. TBH, more often than not, I think the girls look WORSE after their makeover. I don't know - is Tangerine relevant or does like Wanda Holloway get her hair done there? That particular group is ok, but I kind of hold me tongue - because they do have Marshall and the Boot Guy over there. Too much snitching and defending. This part I don't follow at all - dancing or lack thereof, was always my interest.
  12. I haven't finished all the episodes. Selena is stressing me out because she doesn't tuck her fingers while using her knife. I am glad Roy mentioned it. but still...... I am worried for her!
  13. the only reason she would do this is to try and get another show. Without all of them - there's no story. Jon made mistakes, but I really believe that Kate told them "you want to be poor?" "you want to live in a small house?" "you want to have crappy clothes?" "you want to go to public school?" "you want to never go on vacation again?" that's how she got them to stay. (I rewatched - and was surprised to see even in that HUGE house - they all still shared rooms - like what was the point of moving?) This is the kind of BS the little ones would fall for and the superficial crap that appeals to Mady. In the last episode, Kate said something to the effect of "Cara wants to do her own thing - but Mady can always convince her to do what Mady wants to do." Cara was always closer to Jon - I think Mady influenced her to stay. I really hope the remaining ones - give Jon at chance to hear him out. In the same way - I hope Collin and Hannah will hear Kate explain herself. Then they can all make up their own minds.
  14. People, of course. Kate Coyne loves Kate Gosselin more than Kate Gosselin loves herself.
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