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  1. I feel like her heart wasn’t in it. Kelli was very hard on her and she got such an unflattering edit. I feel like it reflected a lot on Shelly too - by sticking with the organization.
  2. The thing is I believe it is easier to tolerate someone who makes squad that doesn’t necessarily have ability. Half the squad is a bunch of blenders - they just somehow appealed to Charlotte, et al. Now creating drama is a different animal especially if it involves someone like Jalyn. She is a talented dancer and has a positive disposition, etc. When this happens, the fans notice. All in all it lessens the credibility of the organization.
  3. Lol but but how could that happen? THEY ARE ALL SISTERS! Other things Kelli says: “Over 400 hundred audition every year!” ”These are world class dancers!”
  4. “ETA: I wasn't asking the question back then (or now) to attack or challenge, but because I wanted to see it formyself. That label, just like the "racist" label is so damaging, it can absolutely destroy a person's reputation andprospects, so I need to see some evidence before I'm willingto get on board.” - one of the older “insiders” posted about the tweets, by the time I went to look it was private. I figured it had to do with same sex marriage because I also read that Rachel had an issue with Janelle. - what I did see with my own eyes were the Halloween pictures. Then to hear the e
  5. So not a Rachel W fan - between the homophobic tweets and brown face but hey she was in pageants!
  6. I have never heard of Tremaine. My daughter’s studio participates in YAGP, NYCDA, and maybe Showstopper every once in awhile. I asked my daughter if she’s every heard of them and she said yes. She’s not sure if they have conventions in CA but they had one in the Midwest where she went to undergrad. I don’t know how many people watched Dance Moms - but for the show at least, the competitions where they competed were made up. Most of the larger ones didn’t allow taping. My daughter mentioned that Tremaine is more of a “jazz” type convention which makes sense. I also goo
  7. Why this is unbelievable to me is regardless of how many awards are given - you still have to have skill. Technique is not VK’s forte, hell natural dance ability isn’t either (I admit that may be personal opinion). I compare her to the many dancers I’ve seen win and I just don’t believe it.
  8. Thank you - exactly. I mentioned a dancer that danced with my daughter and while she has won titles and scholarships to summer intensives, she’s never won a school scholarship (she’s 16 or so now). Same dancer has won first place in her division consistently at YAGP which I feel is the more “legit.” I know of two dancers that have won 4 year college scholarships through NYCDA. Their level of dancing is just mind blowing - two very different styles too. VK isn’t up to their level now - what more at 12?
  9. I can’t help but seeing her in blackface anytime they post a picture or video.
  10. I call 298 (2% truth / 98 % lie) on this one. I have never seen VK compete outside of NYCDA and they award partial scholarships to summer intensives. What REALLY makes me not believe this is VK is a sucky dancer. She may pass in the DCC world but even NYDCA has legit dancers and awards “titles.” Those dancers travel to the different regional competitions and teach the combinations. Check out Mahalaya Tintiangco-Cubales on YouTube. She has won every national category for every age division. That’s the level of dancer that wins. Another thing about dancing - you may have you
  11. What terrifies me the most about this scenario is that in 18 years Kalina3 will be hailed as the second coming of Christ in the DCC world.
  12. I haven’t scrolled back enough to look at all of his/her posts. I got a “preemptive” vibe. Like when he/she stated it wasn’t VK’s “fault.”
  13. Are you referring to Dr. Manhattan’s comment? It is being speculated that DM is VK’s boyfriend, Tina, or even VK. I’m really trying not to comment on VK at all - because I’ll say it louder for the people in the back - I’m glad she’s gone. She was a distraction. I don’t wish hateful shit on her or anything but that whole saying you have a thyroid issue when you don’t is just bad juju. This whole “leave of absence” stuff is BS too. She’s making the LOL “brave, mature, unselfish” decision not to reaudition. She should have to do the same brave, mature, unselfish thing that
  14. Lol you’re the one who announced her departure.
  15. Sam Talbot didn’t want to be “that guy” and he was. I always preferred Bryan Voltaggio who was not as cocky and kind of quiet compared to the douchey Voltaggio. In fairness, the douchey Voltaggio looks like he’s going through some stuff lol when he appears on Guy’s Grocery Games.
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