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  1. This was the clip I was referring to. Thighs/bottom look thick. She never looks "ethereal" when she leaps. I don't know if it's the extra weight or she's just clunky. If Kelli wants to say she's world class and force feed us - I expect a little more.
  2. Someone posted a recent video. Looks like she fell off the wagon and is on the milkshakes again.
  3. I can see that. The only parent allowed to do that is TK. lol TPTB don't want to see, hear from parents - that will ruin the story line THEY want to present.
  4. hmm - his choreography wouldn't translate to any kind of field routine. I feel like most DCC level dancers wouldn't do well with his style I mean they call what Maddie does "hip hop"
  5. Almost 40 minutes of VK?! I'm glad I don't watch these. BARF. Geez Meredith too?
  6. Nicer, humbler too, I refer to the other one as the "douchey Voltaggio." I hate the added drama IRL Stephanie would have called her husband - not the Top Chef winner friend. Bryan would have called his wife for encouragement.. Michael showing up anywhere just shows how he is definitely going through something. He was on Grocery Games and looked like meth warmed over.
  7. Different Erin in this episode.
  8. I have my husband watching as well and he looked at me like I kicked a puppy when I voiced irritation at the coming out story. There are so many other ways to flesh out this character - I just thought it was unnecessary. I believe in representation - but Oliver and Peter's storyline, JJ's storyline - brings representation. Overkill, that's the word. They are bringing another child into this story line - when half the time Tess is missing. Peter was watching Hope at the church function, Oliver was there, - WHERE WAS TESS?! I see that this show is between a rock and a hard place. Even with shows, I hate, I appreciate closure. They are moving quickly through the "year" of service and I understand they are tying the storylines up just in case the show is cancelled. What if it is though? Is there enough to carry through other seasons. I will admit - I like this better than This is Us.
  9. Luly has said some things that still keep me seeing her as selfish. I loved that she stuck up for JJ. I would think the MIL's belief would hurt all of the Perry's - but Luly mentioned "how do you think that would make me feel?" I do feel for Evan because he's in the middle.
  10. I just thought it would be more of an explanation for why she called Anthony instead of him.
  11. I know that they had to find an older photo of Brooke - but wow, that was awful. I didn't recognize her.
  12. They are really running through the "year" Scott asked the Council for. I just hope if they want to cancel - they wrap it up.
  13. I thought that's where they were headed when they brought in the long lost partner Micah. But I think Isaac's mother is the newspaper lady .
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