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  1. Awww with VK on the team - I don't question any of the other choices... I re-watched finale of S12 - and Lily's office included "this is my first time here - so I don't know what to expect." After that whole VK debacle - they did Lily wrong. I watch for the dancing and TBH some of them kind of all blend... like Maddie (pit-stained wanna be hip hopper/point) is different from "Madeline?" ..I really didn't know. LOL which one got in trouble for switching lockers?
  2. It's "better" than what Maddie does - it's all just very basic. I'm particular but not an expert - I just enjoy watching good dancing. Crunking and "hard" hip hop, I'm not fond of. I enjoy watching groups that have musicality and maybe are more "urban" (style). I'm from the West coast - so I'm used to seeing more of The Company, Keone and Mari, Jabbawockeez, Kinjaz, Quest, etc. My daughter has taken classes at Movement Lifestyle and the Millenium - that kind of dancing, like urban, but trained (Trinity Inay is a good example and Dee Glazer). I don't know - I mean I think classical training goes a long way, but if you do "hip hop" you kind of have to untrain your brain. I can't reiterate how pissed off I get when I hear Kelli say "world class" - world class, heck even decent dancers don't sickle their feet. DCC does attract girls from Pom Lines, etc. I just listened to the podcast with Milan. I feel like there are dancers that would "like" to say they experienced DCC - but not serious dancers? I mean, my daughter's dream was to be a Rockette - but falls short of the height requirement. Milan surprised me regarding her explanation of who tries out "old" (according to her) women. I think, most of it is a look, but I think a few of them really need to stay in their lane. For example "Madi" - the Ice Angel and "Alex" - how many years are they going to try out but not improve? (Malena falls into this category too)
  3. Who's left? Like Kelli, etc all? I would think she wouldn't be that dumb - and if she was, then girls would not hang around her either. Wouldn't want to make it seem like they were complicit. Now if we are talking Veruca ... maybe. Where is resident insider?
  4. She's seems pretty loved by the team.... I think if she had attitude, the team consensus would show. Like .. I can see that Keyara? the girl who was late to performances and got cut last season didn't have that much of a rapport with her teammates. I think the team is like between a rock and hard place - because I can see if you ignored Veruca, you'd get snitched on for being "mean" At this point - I wouldn't put it past Kelli and Charlotte putting Veruca as point.
  5. Kickline is a whole different animal - I was basing my opinion on her position going into the turn she slipped on and how she "hopped" in the solo. I have found her dancing to be "noodly" - but she has gotten better. Kickline, I would think requires you to be in control of yourself. You have a girl on your left and right and if you make a wrong move, they go down too. They aren't a safety net. .
  6. That's really sad. I understand that choreo isn't everyone's forte - but if you get someone to help you with choreo, it's usually someone who knows what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  7. IMHO - they wanted to take the Louisiana Tiger Girl a few years ago but her look was very ... severe. Kat is like that girl but a diet version of her (I want to say "lighter" but I don't mean skin tone wise). Louisiana Tiger Girl was a really good dancer - but friends with Kersten? I don't know if that didn't help her either. Kat is annoying as F. I know Kelli was a former DCC - but what dance background does she have? By the way she describes VK - it's like she frigging blind.
  8. uh no. Dayton can do pirouettes en pointe - without falling out. VK hopped the hell out of those turns in her solo. By all means, not the hard and fast rule - but my daughter learned how to do turns a la seconde around age 9. VK lacks core strength. I'm not disagreeing that Gabby had an extra layer - but don't say she disrespected the uniform by not bringing her A game. VK and all her mistakes are a definite "I can do whatever the fuck I want and still make this team." That is disrespecting the uniform.
  9. Because she can do "hip hop." lol
  10. So all the "mean" things said to Veruca over social media is making her "prove them wrong?" Well - she still can't do turns a la seconde, so she didn't prove shit. I haven't finished the episode, so I feel like the rest - esp concerning Gabby will be a bag of dicks.
  11. lol then we are slowly creeping into "fake" and "contrived." I watch to see this supposed world class dancing.. Can someone tell me the page range that discusses Shelly's move? Thank you.
  12. Regarding Lily - last season did we even see her make training camp? I just remember her being cut thinking - "who is she?" She was never called into the office prior to her cut. VK got chance after chance - I would be pissed too. Her "snarky" remark after that experience - understandable.
  13. just like the team is comprised of world class dancers.... if you can't complete a turn or "hop" - that's not world class. It's not DCC "style" - it's a "look." Talent be damned - we'll work with you if you fit the uniform or in VK's case, even if you don't.
  14. I always got the sense that any TCC that made SG meant they had made the squad. Have any SG TCC ever NOT made the squad?
  15. Bret - the 49er girl was cut? She seemed better than most. I feel like - previously dancing with another NFL team, is not a good thing. Like DCC wants to claim you for their own. I didn't like Amanda's tryout outfit, thought the crying over the brother was OT. Wasn't wowed by her dancing. Dayton posted a video of a friend who she dances with that is pretty good. Looking at that girl's Insta shows she has previously tried out too. TBH, no real DCC "style" - it's a look. If you can't dance - we'll work with you. (this girl, definitely not a match for DCC look). I could tell the girl who did her intro in Spanish is not a native speaker. Felt contrived - like a lot of the stuff on the show. I'm a lightweight veteran dance mom. My daughter danced at a competition studio - but we didn't have the time or money to follow the team across the US. She was a studio hopper per se, in the sense, I would make it a point to find studios, closer to school, my work, etc. She has strong technique, although not classically trained since birth (some of studio friends have been on pointe since age 9). Daughter is headed into last year of nursing school and was a dance minor. Head of department asked her to double major. For me - she is knowledgeable - but far from a "perfect" dancer. My daughter was the one who got me watching - more for the laughable "I can't believe - she made it" stories. I think the first season I watched was Kelli was gung ho for a high schooler - Briana? Gave her so many passes and was just not very good in my opinion. Dayton has posted many clips of her dancing which highlight her strengths - which are not evident from what was shown on the show.