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  1. Did I miss something? Did Randall mean something specific? Or he meant ashamed in general?
  2. I like Bryan Voltaggio - he kind sucks at running restaurants, though. I prefer him to the Douchey Voltaggio. The colored hair James Beard winner - I don't remember at all. I hope Nini gets a little further (and Malarkey goes quick).
  3. I would rather have had Brian go home - especially since he was the one who told Joe to do flatbread. (Note - never let anyone tell you what to cook). What a bunch of Malarkey! If Corey Haim could cook and had he lived - you have Brian Malarkey.
  4. When you do something for someone else - you do it for yourself - for the joy it brings you, for whatever it fulfills in you. You don't do something for others to use it as bargaining chip later on. Not once - does Randall say "can you please do it for me." The fucker says "you will do this trial." Randall can suck a big bag of dicks. I hope this is a way to write the actor off the series before it ends.
  5. I'm waiting for an unmasking when the panel and audience are "who the fuck are you?"
  6. Was pleasantly surprised! Really thought it would be the end since Jon Favreau busy with Mandalorian. I think they've been filming since 2017 (references to time in Atlanta episode with Russo Brothers, RDJ, and Tom Holland). I like seeing Jon Favreau's "world" with people he prefers to work with (RDJ and Amy Sedaris in Chef Movie, Bill Burr in Mandalorian, etc.) Next up - cooking with Baby Yoda!
  7. Dick move - especially when she told Kevin about girl code. If they end up in a relationship - it is not the love story that his parents had. I never liked that character. See you next Tuesday, Madison! UGH - via voicemail too!
  8. I saw them all on Ellen and it made me check it out. I binged! Sad there is only one more season! I
  9. OK - but then why Randall and not Rebecca? It's like "don't kill the messenger" type thing. Rebecca told Kate - I don't know how this will play out how Kevin eventually finds out, but isn't it Rebecca's choice who and when to tell?
  10. I'm in the minority and find the Kevin character - foolish. Randall was the one who noticed the forgetful behavior. (Sorry if I am wrong - but did Rebecca ask Randall not to say anything?) Rebecca told Kate herself. If this is the reason for Kevin getting mad at Randall (probably just years of bad blood. If he can't listen to reason - I will be irritated. That's just unnecessary drama.
  11. Sorry - not clear on this season's format. Will "winner" from each group eventually go up against each other?
  12. So I watched while multi tasking. LOL, I thought Kevin was putting an autographed picture of Jamie Walters on Clare's grave. #teamSophie
  13. Thank you - that's the point I was trying to make. Sorry I wasn't clear. I was still laughing over the Lone Ranger comment.
  14. IIRC - in the meeting, she was asked about her weight gain. Yet - nothing about a possible thyroid condition was mentioned, until the issue with appointment and Jinelle was "leaked" here - correct? If her "thyroid" was only mentioned here (and not shown on the show) - isn't she like fueling the fire, regarding the truth about her "lie?" I also LOL at anyone who believes a nutritionist can prescribe meds and if someone had a condition - would stop taking the meds.
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