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S01.E02: A High Bar

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Doing yet another rewatch before Season 2, I realized there are still jokes that I missed the first time. Like, I caught the first time the joke that large, beefy Bane had the beef, and of course I caught that Joker didn't like his chicken, so yadda yadda yadda. But even though the term he used to describe it being overdone is widely used, I still don't think it was accidental that they gave him a reference to rubber chicken.

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Tom King has done so much for the Batman mythos . . . but I reckon the one bit that will resonate most is turning Kite Man from a joke character . . . to a joke character.  He really does work in the context of this show, especially working in the "Hell yeah!" stuff.

Fun to see most of the action taking place at a bar mitzvah for Penguin's nephew. Also fun that Ivy almost got a bunch of horny twerps killed, and that she had to kiss them in order to turn them back to normal. Hey, it beats the BTAS story where she turns Alfred and his would-be girlfriend into trees. Gotta love the one kid grabbing a few branches and trying for that second kiss.

Aside from maybe Young Justice, will there ever be a Bane that doesn't sound like South American Dr. Evil?

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