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How was season 14?

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Hi, I love It's Always Sunny but I feel the last 1 or 2 series I am kind of watching it out of respect for the show. They still have the odd good episode and every episode is watchable, but 13 in my opinion was not a great series. So I am asking Sunny fans should I look forward to Season 14?

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Pretty good.  It was much better than season 13, which was a low point in the series if you ask me.  Episode 9 was a clunky, strawman filled metaphor for abortion and episode 10 was a dull bottle episode.  The rest of the season was strong though.

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I liked it, especially "The Janitor Always Mops Twice" (episode 8), their take on film noir, and Thundergun Express 4:  Maximum Cool (Episode 4?).  I'm with Ray Adverb about the last two episodes being relatively weak, though I still laughed, especially at the finale.   The episodes didn't seem to connect much, so if you wanted to (for instance) try the even-numbered episodes, you could, and come back and get the others if you're so inclined.

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I had also felt like I was watching the last several seasons out of loyalty, and I thought s14 was one of the most consistently funny and on-brand seasons in years. I agree that episodes 9 and 10 ended it with its two weakest episodes, but it's a huge improvement over 10-13.

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I think you can look forward to this season after the last couple of dud seasons. The last two episodes of the season aren't as great, and I was disappointed when I learned that ep10 was the season finale, but the first eight are pretty good. This season is nowhere near where the show was 10 years ago, but it's certainly a step up from the last few seasons.

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Season 14 is now streaming on Hulu. 

I thought this season was much better than Season 13. I think Paddy’s Has A Jumper is one of the best they’ve done in awhile. However, my problem with these last 2 seasons is the 3rd wall breaking that happens. The gang lecturing each other about not being politically correct or saying things like “The critics won’t like this.” It just really stilts the dialogue and feels too self aware for these characters. I know they have added other writers these last 2 seasons and it shows. 

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