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  1. Did Betty actually get into Yale, and Alice intercepted the envelope and change the letter? Am I totally making that up or remembering something from a different show? lol
  2. I don't remember the backstory on the Major.
  3. I feel like Candace wouldn't disappear so quickly. Something is off there. I'm expecting her to show up again, or find out that Love killed her.
  4. Anyone know when season 14 will be on Hulu?
  5. Taylor Hicks actually won that season of AI.
  6. I feel like the judges' guesses last season were more genuine, and this season it does seem like they are being fed names from the producers. Although since none of them have guessed Chris Daughtry for Rottweiler yet, and none of them got T-Pain last season, maybe that means they are setting up Rottweiler for the win? I think this season has had better talent overall, but I thought last season's top 5 was better than this season.
  7. Leopard was the right choice to go. So Jenny doesn't think it can be Seal because of "famous ex"? Ummm...
  8. I don't think Rottweiler is going home since no one has guessed Chris Daughtry yet. I guess they had to let Ken have one.
  9. Dang, I like Leopard this week, and thought he would be going. Thingamajig needs to go.
  10. um Nick Cannon, Hallelujah is not a church song.
  11. I feel like the producers definitely fed Ken the guess for Victor Oladipo.
  12. Sounds like BH90210 is not getting picked up elsewhere 😢 https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/jason-priestley-dashes-hopes-for-bh90210-return/
  13. We were robbed of Samantha Sanders' baptism outfit!
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