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  1. Good catch! The Soup Nazi episode aired in 1995, and Ana started on SNL in 1996.
  2. Yeah, I'd be fine with Tree getting unmasked too because she's also difficult to figure out.
  3. So if Tree is Ana Gasteyer, I feel like Jenny is being fed names from the producers with her SNL guesses. Just like all of sudden she came up with Paul Shaeffer for Skeleton. Although at the same time, she didn't know her BFF Sherri Shepherd.
  4. I kinda hope Ladybug gets unmasked this episode just because I think she's the one that's not obvious who it is.
  5. I agree! Nicole did him dirty. Are they being directed to make it sound like season 2 is soooo much more amazing than season 1? I thought they were over the top last week about Flamingo having the best performance ever because it wasn't memorable to me like Bee or Monster.
  6. I hope Jamie Foxx is really on one season and no one knows it's him.
  7. I'll have to watch Flamingo's performance again. It was good but I was a bit confused that the judges were acting like it was the best thing they've ever heard. To me, it wasn't a performance like Gladys Knight's Wrecking Ball or T-Pain's Stay With Me. I think the Flower may be one of the next ones to go. I just don't think her voice is that strong anymore, sorry.
  8. I think each unmasking going forward is going to be tough. The standard is a lot better this season than last.
  9. I think it might be Butterfly 😞
  10. Not sure who I think should get unmasked from this group, probably Thingamajig, but I don't think they'll let him go yet.
  11. Apparently Jamie Foxx needs to be on next season too.
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