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  1. That's David Lascher who played Kyle (He was also Vinnie on Blossom). This is from the first set of summer episodes, where Kelly tries to date Kyle, but he doesn't know if he's gay or asexual or what.
  2. I think she said there was one time that she and Jesse did not use a condom, so she assumed that was the time she got pregnant.
  3. She is supposed to be on season 4 of Riverdale. Not sure if it's just a cameo or larger role.
  4. According to Cole Hauser's wikipedia page, he played a character named "Ray Pruitt" in White Oleander. Guess his mama could afford both Ts.
  5. Too bad Brian didn't give us a miggity miggity mic check.
  6. I hope they go back and add in how many people stream it later. I just moved and don't have cable. I could tune into FOX when I first moved in and of course it crapped out when I wanted to watch BH90210 live. So I usually watch it on Thursdays (original 90210 night!!) via the Fox Now app.
  7. I don't think Ian has had a nightmare yet. With only 6 episodes, and 7 leads, one of them will be left out. 😞
  8. I thought Tori was jealous that Brian talked to Shannen? I may have missed if there was a follow-up scene after Tori saw Brian go to Shannen's trailer. It's now on sale for $385! (Still way too expensive for me) So it seems at the end when Jason runs off to be with Camille, that Jennie is still pining after Jason? They do have a lot of chemistry together, which surprises me because at the end of Brandon's run, Brandon and Kelly had no chemistry left.
  9. It was news to me that Jason is starring in the V.C. Andrews "Heaven" series on Lifetime. May need to look that up ... You are probably thinking of Sydney from Melrose Place!
  10. It's probably "Rex" the boom mic guy!
  11. Tyler Alvarez, Gloria's son, Benny, is on the new season of Veronica Mars playing one of the PCH bikers.
  12. Was the instructor even getting paid? I thought he and Caputo were volunteering. I would quit too!
  13. What happened to Piper's money from the underwear business? Did the Ruby Rose character steal all of it? I was thinking Piper somehow got it back.
  14. I thought Gloria had 2 sons, not daughters? I don't remember daughters mentioned before.
  15. I saw stilt walkers at dinky small town parades in Wisconsin in the 80s, so this is plausible to me.
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