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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Five episodes of this anime have aired on Toonami, so I think it’s past due for a thread. Basic premise: boy finds his family slain and his sister turned into a demon. He goes out into the world and becomes a demon slayer. From what I’ve heard, the manga is currently selling better than One Piece.

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Thanks for firing up a thread.  
I mentioned before - the fact that Tonjiro joins up with a guy basically wearing the Akatsuki cloud pattern robe can’t be good, right?

For some reason the authentic (?) looking legwear really makes this show real for me.  (That, and the protagonist’s ever-changing forehead scar.)

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I’m somehow bummed that our protagonist beats the arrow demon by just remembering to do his mystical techniques but moreso.

Then I remembered that was the plot of shows I really liked, like BLEACH, so I guess I can’t complain too hard.  I guess I just wanted there to be more of a trick to it somehow. 

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Checking in again. We're at a point where Tanjiro has two other demon slayers for company: cowardly Zenitsu (who manages to be a badass only when he's unconscious) and Inosuke (psycho who wields two swords, has a boar's head, and have little manners). I'm getting how the latter is popular. Maybe part of it is that Inosuke runs around shirtless, and he doesn't wear a weirdly tacky jacket?

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Anyone else keeping up? Apparently, Tanjiro can swap out water techniques for fire. The two older Slayers looked badass . . . nice contrast from putzes Zenitsu and Inosuke.

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I’m glad we finally met the rest of the Gotei-13 Hashira.  No surprise that they generally don’t like the protagonist.

I’m not a big fan of Zenitsu and Inosuke, mostly because they are both really yelly and a little of that goes a long way.

I enjoyed the plot about the spider kid who wanted to build a family.  It was a nice turnaround that the giant Dad was not the big bad.  They never explained why spider kid was picked for powers by the ultimate big bad, though. 

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Since New York Comic Con isn't happening this year, they've gone to virtual stuff. Here, we have a DSKNY "panel," featuring news about the upcoming movies. They're hoping it'll get released in American theaters in 2021.

Also, the anime will be rerun from the beginning, starting tomorrow night at 3 a.m. on Toonami.

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Now I'm curious if anyone reading this saw the movie. I did that today. It was pretty good, though it doesn't help anyone new to the property get into things. It took too long for Nezuko to pop out of her box. Just two minutes. "Tanjiro was a kid whose family was brutally slaughtered by a demon. His sister survived, but she was transformed into a demon herself." Not that complicated.

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I caught the movie over the weekend. I thought it was pretty good (Inosuke steals the whole damn thing a minute in and does not stop)

And yeah, it doesn't do much to get new viewers up to speed, at least not right away.

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I saw the movie on Thursday. I thought it was good not great. I thought it was very disjointed. It really felt like watching episodes back to back. I didn't think the story flowed very well. Rengoku's fight saved the movie. Also, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you definitely need to have watched the series to understand what's going on.


  1. The music
  2. Fight animation is excellent. Especially Rengoku's.
  3. Zenitsu's screaming was kept to a minimum


  1. As I said very disjointed. You could see where the manga chapters ended and where the episode breaks would have/will occur.
  2. While the fight animation is excellent, the rest of it is less so. Especially the tentacles.
  3. Spoiler

    The telegraphed Rengoku's fate too early. As soon as he said he would mentor the three, I knew he was not long for this world.


  4. Spoiler

    Even though it was my favorite part, the appearance of The Upper 3 comes out of nowhere. There was never any indication that he was even in the area.

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37 minutes ago, BetterButter said:


Surprised the heck out of me! Aside from not pointing out Nezuko’s deal, Honest Trailers did a bang-up job.

Oh, and there are spoilers.

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I finally got to see the movie, I thought it was quite good. It definitely felt like an arc of the show slightly condensed to fit into a film format, but I thought that it still worked out well. If you haven't seen the show you are definitely going to be confused though, they could have maybe dumped just a tiny bit of exposition on us for the sake of any newbies. 

The fight animation is beautiful as always. The train being slowly filled with gross demon stomach was also sufficiently creepy. 

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Season 2 teaser. I saw somewhere it's supposed to air in Japan in October. 

Mugen Train can be seen a couple different ways:  



You can watch Demon Slayer: Mugen Train (aka Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) for free if you've never had a Funimation account before. The service gives 14-day free trials to new members, and Mugen Train is there for you right now....

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is $14.99 on premium video on demand services, such as Apple TV/iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and YouTube.


Unofficial DVD release date is being listed for July 31.

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