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Big Brother Lexicon: BB Doublespeak

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14 hours ago, Kromm said:

6 years later and this is STILL the one that disgusts me the most. I still cringe whenever I hear this crap phrase.

Ha! I got notification and I’m like “did I pocket post there? Why am I getting notification?” That lexicon still stands! 

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Initial slang update:

AFP = America's Favorite Player 

AG = Allison Grodner, Executive Producer of Big Brother.

ATEOTD = At the End Of the Day

BB = Big Brother

BBRK = Big Brother RoadKill.  Power to name an additional nominee for eviction, and - if original nominee is removed by Power of Veto - the replacement nominee.

BEC = Bitch Eating Crackers.  Someone you dislike so much, all they could be doing is eating crackers and it would annoy the hell out of you.

BOTB = Battle Of the Block

BOTH \ BOHH = Blood On Their Hands \ Blood On His/Her Hands

DE = Double Elimination episode (occasional Thursday night episodes only).  Following a standard eviction vote, a highly-compressed session where an entire normally week-long HoH cycle (HoH competition / nominations / Power of Veto comp / PoV meeting / 2nd eviction of the night) takes place within a single episode).

DPoV = Diamond Power of Veto; same as a normal (Golden) Power of Veto, except the holder of a DPoV also has the power to name the replacement nominee, if required.

GBM = Goodbye message.  Recorded video messages left by remaining houseguests to recent evictees.

HG = HouseGuest (BB slang for a player/contestant).

HoH = Head of Household 

IIWII = "It is what it is" - a phrase acknowledging the redundant nature of reality.  Or something else.  Fuck all if *I* know.

JBB = Jury Buy-Back.  A competition allowing the previously-evicted members of the Jury to win re-entry back into the House as a reinstated Houseguest.

JH = Jury House.  Sequestration residence for evicted Houseguests joining the Jury.

KMNOTM = Keep(ing) My Name Outta Their Mouth(s).  A houseguest’s express desire that another houseguest or group of houseguests stop talking about them (see MNITM).

MNITM = My Name In Their Mouth(s).  A houseguest’s reference to another houseguest or group of houseguests mentioning them in conversation, especially if the mention is in an undesirable game context.

OTB = On the Block (I.e., nominated for eviction)

POS = Piece of Shit

PoV = Power of Veto; common reference to the Golden Power of Veto, wherein the houseguest who wins it (a) can take a current Block nomination off the Block and (b) are themselves immune from being selected as a replacement Block nominee.

RT = Round Trip ticket.  An eviction veto device which, if possessed by a newly evicted HouseGuest, permits him/her immediate re-entry to the House for continued uninterrupted game play.

TH = Talking Head.  Short Diary Room video clips of individual houseguests, commonly used in the broadcast episodes to narrate episode events.

UTB = (thrown) Under the Bus

VWTH = Vote/Voting With The House

WTBS = "With that being said..." - a phrase used to indicate total contradiction with everything else stated up to that point.

WWTSMHOHR = "Who wants to see my HoH room?"  A silly question, never answered honestly.


References to House interior (all rooms downstairs unless specified otherwise):

BA - main bathroom.

BR - bedroom; multiple bedrooms distinguished by a single-letter prefix (ex. BBR = “blue bedroom”).

BY - back yard.

DN - dining room.

DR - Diary Room (for Production/HG interactions).  Production-lockable door.

FD / FOTH - front door / front of the House.  Primary access point for HG entry, and evictee exit.

HNR - Have-Not bedroom.

HOHR - HoH room; contains separate bedroom, shower, tub and toilet, and vanity.  Only HG-lockable door. (upstairs)

JS - the “Jack Shack”, a scenery-disguised Port-a-Potty in the far corner of the BY behind the swimming pool.

KIT - kitchen.

LR - living room.

MW - Memory Wall.

PB - room next to HOHR variably used for Pandora’s Box, Co-HoH BR, season-specific challenges,  etc. (upstairs)

SR - storage room/pantry.  Production-lockable door.

WC - water closet/toilet.


In addition:

NNR - No-Name Room; early-season temporary generic reference for the one room in the House without a fixed name - the discussion room off the hall between the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen/dining area.  Name and reference changes every season, depending upon decor and use.  Past references include:

  • APSR - Austin Powers Sex Room
  • GM - Geometry Room
  • etc., etc.
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