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  1. I think she stole it from Ezra—he wore a similar drapey red suit last week LOL
  2. This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I am really liking this season. There’s a great mix of choreographers and there have been some fun, interesting dances. I also think we have seen some great partner relationships that are reminiscent of Season 4’s great partner relationships. I just wish that the partners had had 2 dances each (different styles) in the earlier shows, and that the season were longer (Top 20 to Top 10). I don’t typically vote, and I think TPTB are smart enough to keep the top vote-getters around, so I don’t mind the jidges doing the eliminations, either.
  3. Sorry realdancemom but this weird site is making me type this in a quote box. I just wanted to say that I did like the fact that the judges’ comments were edited since the show was taped. Made it a lot easier to listen to them.
  4. I like Bailey but I thought he was trying too hard. We also commented in our household that it reminded us of Boogie Shoes! A crowd-pleasing song will bring in the votes. Still not missing the lack of saga-length dance backstories! i thought Ezra looked better than Madison in their routine. Better lines. Her feet also bother me at times (like in the girls’ routine tonight). Sophie, with her blonde hair and pink tutu, gave off a very Barbie vibe that wasn’t right for that routine Looked lot better after they ripped off the tutu to reveal the plastic skirt. This routine would
  5. They used to have a pre-recorded show one night and then a live results show (with a pre-recorded group dance) the next night. Back when this forum wA hosted on TWoP, there was a poster named AprilMarie that went to a lot of the tapings and would post “spoilers” about who was choreographing, which dancers were matched together, what the outfits/sets were like, which routines wowed the audience, etc. It was so exciting to go on the forum and read the spoilers!! Ahhh those were the days....
  6. I have to say that I really enjoyed these dances without the longer video package explaining how this dancer represents Green Envy’s 2nd cousin who had an abusive mom with bipolar disorder and toe cancer before leaving for a military deployment.... Not that some of the backstories aren’t powerful, but it’s also nice to let each viewer see what each sees and come to his/her own interpretation.
  7. I think they do really like her dancing (as well as her alopecia storyline). They’ve had other female dancers with alopecia audition before and not put them through. To my untrained eyes, Mariah seems head and shoulders above the others I’m wondering if they are engineering her win already by casting less competition for her? If she’s the only standout girl, and the boys’ votes are split (Gino, Benjamin, Eddie), she may end up like LoFro and get all the girl votes. i missed costumes and an audience tonight That would have at least given some credence to the idea that making th
  8. But they always have alternates, and I’m sure one of those alternates would love to take Gino’s place. If he was 22 in 2008, wouldn’t he be 33 now? I agree with you about Alekasandr’s talent! He has so much better arm movement than Eddie. I think I said earlier that TPTB could be keeping Eddie to create drama for a “shocking” cut since he is somewhat of a fan favorite at this point.
  9. Absolutely. Since he’s been cast in the remake of West Side Story, the show will take all the credit in “discovering” him and making his career. 😂 Is there a dance show role promises as part of the winner’s prize this year?
  10. It seems from past shows that the judges take the choreographers’ opinions into consideration as well, so if someone has trouble picking up the choreo quickly or is whiny, that could be factored in, even though to the viewing audience, the audition routine went well. I think Nigel even referenced that in this week’s show (Academy #2) when he said “these dancers don’t realize that every second here counts” (or something similar).
  11. Late to find this group, glad to see old “friends” here. I’m thinking they may cut Eddie in order to shock everyone and then we have the previously unseen but probably extremely versatile Alexandr to take his place. But I’d think they would want to get a tap duet out of the 2 of them beforehand, which this format doesn’t seem to allow.... Why was I thinking that Stephanie made Top 20 last year? Melany gives me a little Janette Season 5 vibe (in a good way). I hope she stays around.
  12. My friend who works with the city ballet where we live said she thinks the Tahitian costume is too fragile to tour. She thought the Tahitian number was picked to say good-bye to it. I wasn’t stoked that it was picked, but I really enjoyed last night's performance
  13. I usually love the music and get introduced to new songs/artists on this show, but I didn’t really feel the music love until the last several episodes
  14. I watched this show just one night after last week’s show, and this one just didn’t measure up to last week’s (or the preceding week’s), IMO. At this stage of the game, the you can see how hard the dancetestants are working, and how exhausted (and sick, or injured) they are. I think TPTB are pushing Jensen for a “first ever ballroom girl!” win. And so they can brag when she goes to DWTS. Apropos of nothing, just want to add to the Jakob love. #bendyboys! also—WAS Hannahlei supposed to fall into the box??
  15. Due to travel, I just watched last week’s show and this week’s show. I enjoyed both, especially last week’s (Top 8). These were the first shows this season where I actually went back and re-watched dances. Especially liked the girls’ group number, Jensen/Jay Jay’s cha cha, the piece that Robert choreographed, and the mask piece. I was surprised at the gender imbalance in F4. In LoFro’s season, I think they got vot d off one by one and she was the last girl standing. It was a gender-ocide (sorry!). I think TPTB are pushing Jensen bc they’d like a ballroom winner, but it wil
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