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  1. My sister's a nurse in NJ. She says they are in need of baby monitors. Because the patients are in isolation they can't communicate with them to find out if they need anything. If you have a baby monitor that you are no longer using go and find it in your attic or storage and wait to see if any local hospitals might need it. Right now NJ is at 47,437 corona cases and 1504 deaths. I realize that many of you are in rural areas, but it will eventually hit ya. They recommend 2 weeks worth of food, but I advise 4 weeks. Then go home and stay there. Also, NJ supermarkets are now requiring face cove
  2. I work at a motel. Business is down 50-65%, but people are still checking in and leaving an hour or two later. I'm confused by this though because according to the travel ban, they don't have permission from the governor to be on the roads going to and from motels to meet with their mistresses, lovers or paid professionals. They only have permission to be on the roads going to and from essential businesses. Motels are considered nonessential businesses with the option of staying open or closing. What motel is going to close? They'll go out of business. So to answer you're question, some people
  3. I've been sick for the past 10 days. Not sure what it is since only people in high risk groups are being tested. My sister is a nurse and I keep updated with her. She thinks I might have a sinus infection with the flu. But I'm not sure. I think it might be a mild case of corona. At the very least, I don't have a fever or the chest pain/pressure, or shortness of breath associated with corona. Regardless, last night I started to get feverish again and thought the fever was coming back. I went into a panic attack and had to stand outside at midnight. I started shaking uncontrollably, thought I wa
  4. I had this conversation with a religious woman the other day and she said, "If everybody would pray to their rosaries and say their Hail Mary's this whole corona thing would go away". I wanted to scream!
  5. I'm so glad Directv is letting us have Showtime. I was able to binge watch the Homeland mini-marathon yesterday. I was a couchpotato from 2:30-10! I just hope they keep Showtime available until the end of the season.
  6. I'm in NJ and there's a curfew of 8pm-5am. This is a nightmare since I'm a maid at a motel. That's usually when we get most of our business. So we have no business or 0-2 customers a day. I'm scared to clean the rooms because I don't know what people were in these rooms and at the same time, I need the customers because I get paid per room. Bittersweet indeed. We're considered a 'non essential business' , but have not yet received the order from the NJ governor to shut down for 2 weeks. So we remain open. Not sure if that's a good thing. Not sure if it's bad because I need the customers. Needl
  7. This is so true. I'm white and live in NJ and can't use Ivory soap during the winter months or anything with moisturizer (shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, caress or dove) in the summer months.
  8. I only watch TLC for Counting On so I'm not normally on that channel. I also checked the TLC website and nothing. So to answer your question, I don't think so.
  9. Good point. What I meant was anything other than weddings, courtships & childbirth. Anything! 😁
  10. Anybody with any insider info on when the new season is going to premiere? It's usually on by the end of January or sometime in February. Now it's almost mid-March and no info at all. They need to revamp this show. I want to see family get-togethers, weekend events, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, road trips, vacations, entertaining hobbies, fundraisers, projects, & interesting daily life not just courtships, weddings, buying wedding dresses and babies being born. I'm sure I'll have to sit through another wedding, but the next one better be Jana's or I might be outta here.
  11. Since they announced Joy & Austin's courtship in this episode, I'll post this here unless one of the mods finds a better spot. On Youtube there's a short 1 minute 46 second clip of Austin Forsthe's family. Apparently, this family was on CMT's Strict Moms (or something like that). So I doubt that Joy and Austin knew each other since she was 15. More than likely, the Forsthe's are nothing more than fame-whores like the rest of them.
  12. I was just on Youtube and there appears to be a video of Jinger & Babe's wedding already posted. It says it was posted 2 days ago. I didn't get the link. Sorry, but I'm sure a quick search should locate it. I've watched other Duggar full length videos on Youtube and I noticed that the video is in its entire, but the voices are slightly altered. It makes the girls voices slightly higher pitched. I didn't notice how altered the male voices are. But the video is there. It said 1:02:00 meaning one hour two minutes long.
  13. Was I the only one who noticed Jinger having a hard time putting Jeremy's ring on? It looked like it didn't quite fit. Then she quickly covered her hand over his so the camera couldn't focus on it. Maybe the ring was a fill in until the real one came in. I mean they did do that courtship & engagment thing pretty fast. It is possible Jinger didn't have enough time to get his ring before TLC wanted to film. I feel bad for Jana. I wonder if she goes home after these weddings and secretly sucks down a few shots of vodka. Did anyone else think Jinger's face looked a bit puffy? Puffy
  14. The Duggar girls are not being raised to be homemakers even though that's what they promote. They're being raised to be baby factories and to promote the Bible. It used to be that homemakers knew how to sew, quilt, knit or crochet, cook, garden (and preserve/jar), make pies or at the very least show some interest in feminine hobbies like these. These girls have absolutely no interest in girlie hobbies. Even I have a set of cheap crochet hooks and some yarn. (Don't know yet how to use those hooks but I have them.) What I would give to see an episode of basketweaving (and I despise basketweaving
  15. I just saw that photo with Jessa & Ben holding litle Spurge between them and the article next to it said, "We're celebrating with a pint of white chocolate raspberry ice cream...blah blah" I thought for a brief moment that it might actually say, "We're celebrating with a pint of Bud and a shot of Blackhouse". I guess it was wishful thinking.
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