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  1. whisperstream

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Just throwing this out there. Hook says about the ring he gives Emma, "It's the reason I'm alive. Or it could be. Who knows?" But you know which ring gets a lot more attention in that scene, including a sharpened focus from the camera? The fancy one with the flowers and the orange stone that's still on his hand. Maybe that's the reason Killian doesn't end up dead, dead and the reason they can, indeed, retrieve him from the UW. I should probably rewatch that scene again a few times to solidify this theory, though.
  2. whisperstream

    LIVE CHAT: Operation Mongoose Parts 1 And 2

    My 11-year old just announced that he is rage-quitting OUAT over the failed Captain Swan ILU.
  3. whisperstream

    LIVE CHAT: Operation Mongoose Parts 1 And 2

    South Carolina representing.
  4. whisperstream

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Yes! I commented on this in the episode thread. That book is shaped and bound almost exactly like the original Story Book. And it was almost immediately after Will found it that the new Page 23 appeared. Whether or not the two events are connected, I definitely think that the book and it's pop-up tall ship could be either a second Story Book or something related to future story.
  5. I think the page appeared at the exact time that sexy Will Scarlett opened up his book (the other Storybook?) to the page with the big ole, pretty pop-up of what I am assuming was Killian's former ship, the Jolly Roger (formerly the Jewel of the Realm) approaching a lighthouse. I don't know what role that second book will play, but it was pretty obvious placement. And it looked like there were blank pages after the pop-up page. Since that song played right after Killian told Emma that he traded his ship to cross realms for her, my intact-inside-my-body, Captain Swan-loving heart hopes that it means that Emma will be going on her own physical/emotional journey to save poor Killian's heart. I really wish that I could post more often. Or, you know, at all. Y'all are wonderful.
  6. whisperstream

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I loved this moment when I watched the Pilot the first time, and JM got me right there. Whatever happened, I wanted Emma to have her happy ending.
  7. I agree. I really hope they stay away from that, and maybe go down the road of a Killian disappearance or...something...that could be interpreted initially as an abandonment by Emma. Once she discovers the truth, then she really does have to go to the end of the world (or time) to bring him home. Just, you know, not a half season something. Because that would seriously cut down on the make out time. And that would be wrong.
  8. I loved the conversation in the EF between Charming and Hook, not only because of the "I would go to the end of the world for her...or time" (le sigh) but also because Charming then followed up with "Would she do the same for you?" Killian's answer of "I don't know" gives me hope that that is where we will see their story go next season. Emma now knows what he has been more than willing to sacrifice and do for her. I really want to see more of her awakening as to what he means to her and what she is willing to sacrifice for and do for him should he need it. And while she is figuring that out, it would also be helpful if they could make out a lot in between bouts of sexy banter.
  9. whisperstream

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    Hi, everyone! I have been lurking at TWoP for over ten years, and only occasionally posted in the GH forums. I am here under the same name, and I am going to pep-talk myself out of my posting shyness to be a part of the OUAT discussions. I started watching the show when it premiered, but I missed most of season three due to the absolute head trip that occurred after a completely unexpected (and unexplained) heart attack in September. I am feeling more myself these days, and I decided to catch up. Wow. So glad that I did, because I LOVED that finale. I am so fortunate to have a 13-year old boy who actually wants to experience it with me, and it's really fun to watch HIM watch it, too. His ten-year old brother is ready to rock on with it now, as well, so we are definitely down for a summer rewatch. I am so glad for this site and I look forward to interacting with all of you.