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  1. I liked the Manx backstory and didn't miss Vic and her angst at all. Never heard of Nosferatu before. The license plate all makes sense now LOL. So the kids haven't had one meal in the 8 years Manx has been away?
  2. Wow, I had a hard time finding this show on here. Bookmarked now. I mostly liked it. The only part I hated was when she put the phones in the oven, scared the crap out of her kid, and then took off and left him there... ALONE. Bad mother is right. Wonder if her parents will be on this season. She didn't even mention them.
  3. Okay, I'm convinced that I could write a better episode than these writers. That was rough to watch. Aside from my general grumbling, I did wonder aloud at a few things: What exactly happened to Ezekiel's horse? Another dark scene - I couldn't see what was happening. I hate it when horses get killed. Isn't anyone going to go looking for Connie, or at the very least, mention her name? Magna showed up. It never occurred to anyone that maybe Connie's still out there too? Way to look out for your people, people. Magna was almost unrecognizable to me. I was trying to figure out if it was her lips or something else. For crying out loud, not another herd! Lose the herds! I don't care about them.
  4. I was pretty underwhelmed with all, but I've been rooting for Geoffrey all along, so I'm happy for him. Did his mother have to make that negative remark after his intro? Geez, no wonder the guy is an emotional wreck. When Victoria kept trying to grab the phone out of Nancy's hands, I so wanted Nancy to punch her in the neck. It also grated on me the way Geoffrey was trying to hug her after her showing and she said "what, what?" as if she wanted him to go away.
  5. This was exactly my thought as I was watching Talking Dead. They just go on the show to talk about how brilliant they are or what new thing they want to try. The actors seem to have a lot of input on storylines now. Hey Norman, what weapon do you want to use? Let's talk about it for 20 minutes on TD. Let's promote the cameraman to director and go on TD and talk about it. It's all a big self-indulgent ego fest now. No one seems to care what the viewers want to see. We're irrelevant.
  6. Kelly: Slaughters rotting zombies daily, but rats running across the field are gross.
  7. I just want to know what mode of transportation Eugene will use for his date. It's about a 6-hour drive from Alexandria VA to Charleston WV by car. I hope he's not planning to use the horse-mobile.
  8. I couldn't follow the freakin' dark cave scenes, so maybe I'm missing something. But what did Carol think she would accomplish by throwing dynamite into the pit anyway? That one stick would have to blow up the brains of every walker in order to wipe them out. Otherwise, they're still mobile with just some missing arms and stuff. And even if that happened, the Whisperers would still be alive. They'd just go out and get more walkers... since there seems to be an endless supply of herds 10 years after the apocalypse. The whole plot was just stupid.
  9. That was a long hour. I couldn't see anything going on in the cave at all. The only daylight scene was of Negan and Alpha bumping uglies. Whatever. TWD is off to a riveting mid-season start.
  10. I loved Geoffrey's dress and so happy he won. It would've been nice to watch it come down the runway without the obnoxious heckling on his model.
  11. Whenever Karlie speaks, I feel like she should be wearing a frilly dress and holding a lollipop.
  12. Bummer. I liked Shavi. I would've picked Marquis or Geoffrey for the win and sent Sergio the Poseur packing. That dress wasn't fashionable or flattering. It reminded me of the designer who won about 5 years ago who dressed all her plus size models in 50's style dresses and put bowls of flowers on their heads. Yeah, I think Sergio stole one of her looks. Poor Geoffrey. "Hey mom, I won the challenge last week." Mom: "I can't hear you. I can't hear you. Tell someone I can't hear you." Sweet lady.
  13. In contrast was Rosita, who said she had to be more conscious of her actions now so that Coco didn't end up an orphan. Cut to Michonne, who decides on a whim to follow some stranger to an island, basically leaving one kid standing there in her wake, and the other god knows where. Rosita was also smart enough to figure out what was going on with the Whisperer in time to protect her baby... unlike Sadiq, who had all kinds of qualms about this guy, but stood there with his back to him! Rosita was the only one using her brain in this ep.
  14. My random thoughts: As I watched Michonne's touching goodbye to Judith, I almost forgot she had another kid at home. Did she even mention him? When did Daryl get so touchy-feely? "Talk to me, Carol." I liked him better when he was gruffer. Once I could finally make out what was in the pitch-black cave, it was so anticlimactic. Big whoop, walkers in a cave! Meh. I'm just growing tired of everyone running from the herds. Seven years after the apocalypse, they should be pretty sparse by now. It's not like they can multiply, and everyone knows how to properly kill people now. I've seen Samantha Morton in other roles and liked her, but on here, she just overdoes it, IMO. This show sure does like keeping the villains around. Doctors are another matter.
  15. Men of a Certain Age. Loved that show.
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