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  1. As for helicopter lady, I imagine Evil Corp has barbers and hairdressers. I had the same complaint about Carol during the first couple of seasons of The Walking Dead.
  2. To replace the one accidentally wiped out by a system glitch.
  3. It certainly isn’t advisable to romanticize one’s past drug or alcohol experiences, but I don’t think that was Ali’s intent. It has been my experience that being able to relate to other alcoholics and drug addicts concerning the compelling feelings around that first use is important. So is sharing the futility of chasing that first high. What I had trouble with was the fact that a male in recovery gave a female his number. I thought it a little inappropriate. But then, I’m female and had a male sponsor for decades. Ali’s calling Rue out on her BS was appropriate, though. It is always more effective when it is done by a fellow addict/alcoholic.
  4. I just adored this. It was so very well acted. Ricky Gervais was a revelation in this role. Penelope Wilton is a pleasure. I laughed and I cried. And the dog. I love German Shepherds, especially the bi-colored ones and the pure black ones. i hope there’s a second season, although this season ended on an
  5. I have a somewhat minor complaint about the lack of identifiable Chicago (or midwestern) accents among the characters. I know this is filmed in NYC and most of the casting is done there, but you’d think they’d find actors who could do a credible Chicago accent. The police captain was a case in point. A lot of other characters clearly have northeastern accents (I’m thinking of a few judges). i imagine this complaint was made a number of times during the run of TGW, too.
  6. I suspect both. I'd like to see them follow up on those who went back to the inland.
  7. In the early eighties I was writing process control programs for Michelin- on a Computer Automation LSI 4 in assembly language. I remember it was a big deal when we were finally able to write some Fortran. Oh, and we stored source and executables on paper tape as well as floppy (later on). Paper tape is what we used on the plant floor and we used to stuff colleagues' safety shoes with paper tape chad. Later on I worked at the Shuttle Mission Training Facility at Johnson Space Center. I remember the old Perkin-Elmer/Concurrent machines (assembly there too) and the Sperry-Univac mainframes that did most of the heavy lifting for the models in the shuttle simulators. We used IBM clones (AT&T) in the office and in the early 90s finally started to use the occasional Mac for documentation. I still remember the first web browsers and how we marveled at being able to watch that coffee pot from half a world away ( the photo would refresh once every few minutes). I love my Macs today and still prefer the Unix command line to DOS.
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