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  1. I'm thrilled about the outcome. THRILLED!
  2. I think the show would be much improved with Adam gone, so long as the producers didn't try to create the same dynamic with a new person (2 women on the panel would be nice) and Blake. Adam is a tool. I like Blake and I like that he supports his team but I don't like accusing Kelly and John of being jealous when there's no way on God's green earth (as long as we're voting for people because they choose songs about God and the USA) he didn't know that the criticism was completely deserved. Especially in Carter's case, but the other guy was WAY out of tune as well. I thought Rod was
  3. tpplay

    S16.E15: Finale

    I'm happy to hear this!
  4. tpplay

    S16.E15: Finale

    I'm flabbergasted by this. She was maybe my least favorite, or at least in the bottom 3.
  5. I actually don't think that's what she did. She said - clearly - there are girls here who are sincere .. .. . or whatever word she used.
  6. They're both JUST SO DUMB! Does this crap EVER not backfire?
  7. ICAM. I believe she said she regretted coming on the show, not that she regretted leaving the show. She was pretty clear about - I can't get there in this short of time because there's not way in which we could actually get to know each other. She certainly didn't put the blame on him. He's kind of like a sweet dunderhead.
  8. I am pro-choice but I totally get the point of view expressed here.
  9. OH! Good Lord (no pun intended) I didn't realize that AT ALL. I already though he was creepy but that - YIKES! And yet, somebody married him. Which is why it's a happy thing that's there's more than one potential partner in the world.
  10. Um. Wasn't Sean the Bachelor a virgin? So how's this guy the first virgin bachelor?
  11. I so agree with the first sentence of this post. SandyRedd? WHAT? UGGGGGH. That performance was like a BAD Opera performance. So over the top. So melodramatic. That's who JHud thinks is going to win this competition?? I agree about Blake's conundrum but I'm SO happy he chose Dave. As for the horrifying Tyke. He's . . . . horrifying. And Adam, as always, is completely transparent. I wish HE could be voted off. Both Radha and Kameron were way better (even Steve was better. Even I'M better. And all this "oh no, what should I do? oh, gosh,I just don't know what to do" -
  12. So. Season 15 = TWEEN season? Oh, wait. They're ACTUAL teenagers. TEEN season?? Uggh.
  13. Because - actual death happened. Who cares? Really?
  14. Um. I do. A beautiful post....its how I felt about this episode also...and yes, this show is unwinding the Pearson family saga...we see how generational issues are carried forward. My husband too was drafted in 1970 and served in Vietnam, so I found this episode very interesting & emotional. Yes. A beautiful post. The shot of the babies born on the same date - heartbreaking.
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