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  1. Izeinwinter

    S03.E09: Beebo The God Of War

    All hail the nuclear powered cruiseliner Avalance, now setting sail for all ports across time and space., She appears to have softened up considerably, I suspect this is some mixture of respect for putting a stop to Rip, and frustration that the bureau has just given up on fighting Darkh. I mean, she appears highly committed to maintaining causality. The next episode is named Daddy Dharkest, so most likely the little girl is his daughter, and the demon either Darkh or Mallus. ..... I mean, it could also just be some random demon from hell Sara managed to make an impression ... or incision.. on while she was there.. Uhm. That might be why she is so impressively death proof. Neither hell nor heaven want anything to do with her.
  2. Izeinwinter

    S02.E18: Ace Reporter

    The lead thing kind of makes one wonder why he is not wearing.. all of the armor. He is strong enough that you could just strap battleship plate onto him, and it would not hinder him much, but at present he is very hard to put down for most of the exotic things supergirl faces, but... any random thug with a gun can end him?
  3. Izeinwinter

    S02.E15: Exodus

    Kara is subject to HR, thus she's getting paid. She is also doing the equivalent work of a whole lot of very expensive search and rescue gear - It's not so much the crime-fighting, it's the medevac, firefighting, ect. So she's likely paid the highest scale the government legally can. Meaning; GS-15. That doesn't make her a millionaire, but that apartment isn't out of line for someone on the pay of a department head or senior diplomat to a major nation. Also, if she cared about money, the number of ways for her to use her powers both legally and ethically to be a millionaire are just about endless. TLDR: She can afford that place.
  4. Izeinwinter

    S02.E15: Exodus

    They're not a secret - Supergirls world has openly turned into Casablanca. If you're running away from something - come to earth. It's a third world backwater, but it's not involved in galactic politics, it has electricity, running water, and absolutely no way of stopping you from just landing and walking into the nearest city. That said.. Winn's girlfriend learned english off-world. .. What? Is there places offering to inject any language in the galaxy directly into your brain out there or what?
  5. Izeinwinter

    S02.E12: Camelot/3000

    Given how the story goes they likely could nab Guinevere with no consequences if the pick the right day - shes slated to disappear into a monastery after the fall of Camelot. There are also several other very notable women who are obvious candidates for.. consequence free stealing out of history, tough the best one is likely Julie D' Aubergny. Who's.. So over the top she'd be unbelievable if she wasn't an actual historical figure. Reportedly dead at 33. No grave. Star of the parisian Opera, invincible duelist, flamboyantly, openly bisexual.
  6. Izeinwinter

    S02.E07: Invasion!

    They left because Supergirl and the Flash Counted Coup on their entire ground army. Those little devices of pain-induction could just as easily have been explosive charges. The dominators aren't stupid, they got the message and left.
  7. Izeinwinter

    S01.E09: The Well-Tempered Clavier

    There are a number of ways for Bernard to live through that, especially as Ford walked away. In no particular order: They were having the conversation in a room full of hosts. It would be a very straight-forward precaution to have reprogrammed more of them than just Clementine with contingency orders. Heck, Clementine may have quite complex orders. ( or most radically, he just copied his entire mind into Clem. ) Elsie: May not be dead. They've worked together for years, he might have turned her against Ford. And finally, Maeve may find the body and fix it.
  8. Izeinwinter

    S02.E07: The Darkest Place

    "invisiblity to radar is not, in fact, one of his powers"?
  9. Izeinwinter

    S02.E07: The Darkest Place

    Honestly, Supergirls identity seems to be a secret the way an unlisted number is. That is "Not very at all, just not listed in the phonebook". Half the people supposedly in the dark make more sense if you presume they're actively humoring her on this point because she's just that cute. (Lena Luthor is constantly lightly trolling her over it, even)
  10. Izeinwinter

    S01.E08: Trace Decay

    Eh, more than likely, Elsie lingered a while, Bernard caught up with her, killed her and it all got crudely wiped. His memory of that day is simply missing a good chunk of time, and patching over the hole. .. I still am puzzled why on earth Ford would have him do that, however, as Elsie was inadvertently doing his bidding, and to boot had made it very clear to Bernard that she would have been trivial to buy off. Is the old man just that trigger happy with the murder orders? I guess that's possible. Or did he want Elsie for a test subject? .. uhm.. Thinfoil Theory brewing..
  11. Izeinwinter

    S01.E08: Trace Decay

    .. Get out pen and paper, draw a line, and start assigning events to times. William meeting Clementine is in no way, shape or form a problem for the the two time-periods theory. Here, let me lay out the full timeline according to the theory. t -34: Arnold and Ford work together, Arnold has talks with Dolores beneath the park. Arnold has a crisis of conscience, and tries to get the entire park shut down. As part of that, he increases Dolores gunplay abilities to max and sends her out to shoot the town to bits. Arnold dies, somehow, but let us be real, Ford murdered him. We see a bunch of Old Guard droids around in this time period, which serves to tell us they're the ones with Arnold code structures. After Dolores shoots it to bits and lights it on fire, that town gets buried. | | t -30: Logan and William arrive in Sweetwater. Clementine is the madam at the brothel, Maeve is assigned a part somewhere else in the park. (As frontiers woman, most likely.) Dolores goes off script, goes off and has an adventure with William. They visit the town she shot to bits, and find that it is buried. She is distressed at the memory of having shot it to bits. The park is bleeding money. This all ends with her getting put back on loop, William leaving the park and marrying Logan's sister, and likely that family enterprise is called Delos. They invest in the park. | | T - x : The last employee that knew Arnold leaves or dies. Ford thinks it would be hilarious to build a robot Arnold to be his right-hand minion, so he does. Ford is kind of nuts, guys. This is Bernard. Delos tries repeatedly to get control of the IP, but fail. | | T - 1: Logan's sister suicides, his daughter calls him a monster at her funeral, William takes on the guise of the man in Black, visits the park, murders the heck out of Maeve. I think his visit to Dolores may also take place during this visit. Or not. It's hard to pinpoint. Maeve is wiped clean and reassigned as madam of the brothel because her personality got destabilized by the MiB's cruelty. | | T-"show present". The MiB visits again, hunting after the maze. Reveries. Ford starts his new narrative. This narrative recycles Dolores's massacre at t-34 as backstory for the main villain. Therefore, Ford has that town dug back up to use as new quest hub. Abernathy goes critical. Dolores goes critical, but lies her way through testing, then goes off-loop, retracing the steps of her trip with William. While she's doing this, she has extensive flashbacks to the first trip, and to shooting the heck out of that town. Most of what we see of her storyline is just her memories of this trip. Whenever she flashes to a nearly empty world, that is us getting glimpses of the present where she's walking unaccompanied through areas that are undergoing remodeling due to Ford's new storylines. Or maybe they're empty because everyone is dealing with Maeves robot rebellion. The exact timing of Dolores and Maeves present storylines is not very clear to me yet.
  12. Izeinwinter

    S01.E07: Trompe L'Oeil

    Massive speculation follows.: Ford mentioned that the board tries to oust him every few years, and it has always failed, because Ford has backdoors in all the parks systems and never leaves. Delos may own the park, but they do not control it, the crazy old man with the finger on the self-destruct button does. I think Delos decided to up their game. Theresa and what happened with Clementine are all one big distraction. This isn't the first time Ford has murdered an agent of the board and sent back a cylon. But Ford's iron grip on the park has a weakspot - namely himself. He thinks Delos will attempt the same kind of ploy they have tried in the past again. But they've instead decided to try a multipronged approach. They send in Theresa through the front door with the full official backing of Delos. Her job is to be obvious and to die. She, not Clementine, is the blood sacrifice. Which the board member told her to her face. That entire scene was not the board member being sloppy. It was the board member deliberately feeding Ford misinformation. She brought a host to her room. Knowing they log everything. Then she spilled the entire plan in front of him. That is also why the board sent someone that looks like they left college yesterday - they're counting on Ford underestimating her. (And she may be somewhat expendable) While this operation is consuming Fords attention - Ford after all, being only one man, even if he does have a bunch of bots doing his bidding, they also sent in several other teams to attempt to steal their property out from under Ford by more covert means. That is what the laser pointer in the woodchopper was about. It is possible, but not certain the man in black is part of that effort as well. Elsie isn't in Fords hands - why would Ford detain her? She was doing his work, unwittingly, but she stumbled across plan b or c, and is being detained by delos operatives. This covert struggle in the shadows has also awakened Arnolds legacy. The agent's poking around the systems of the park in order to steal the code base have activated code laid down by Arnold prior to his demise at Ford's hands. That is why Dolores has gone offscript again. And awakened Maeve. It's possible Felix and Sylvester are Delos agents (Someone in the chop shop installed that laser com device!) and Maeve zeroed in on them because they fit in badly. Which is why they're going along - their orders are to make a mess if they can.
  13. Izeinwinter

    S02.E05: Crossfire

    ... Lena wasn't using supergirl as bait. She was using herself and the collected one percenters of the city for that. That fundraiser being attacked wasn't because Supergirl would be there, it was attacked because Lena arranged a juicy target. She even told supergirl she was expecting an attack, so she was using Kara as muscle. With her consent. .. I am however, getting the distinct impression Lena Luthor never does anything that doesn't serve at least 3 purposes. She threw a party with herself as bait. The same party is then an excellent opportunity to impress a cute girl. Because stopping a crime rampage is obviously the way to Kara's heart, right? That's the sort of thing superheroes go for? So it's a trap and a date! That's not enough. Noo. It's also an excellent opportunity to troll Kara over her double identity, because much as she want's to hit that, she's not going to take being lied to lying down, so she invites Kara on the date.. Twice. In both her identities. Also, during this day, she scoped out her residence, and her place of work, and at some point, somehow figured out one of Kara's favorite foods and put it on the darn menu. You don't seriously think it was accidental a fancy fundraiser serves pot-stickers?
  14. Izeinwinter

    S02.E05: Crossfire

    RE: the poster with the prenup. Kryptonians appear to not do divorce. It's unclear if that's a cultural thing or if their pair-bonding is just stronger, either way, it likely applies to Kara. Still, she should marry Lena anyways, because a: Gosh, that's is some fire they've got going. Serious chemistry. b: Bottomless plot-mine. c: It'll make Kara's secret identity so much better! Noone is ever going to guess that Lena Luthor is married to supergirl.
  15. Izeinwinter

    S02.E04: Survivors

    Mcgrath is definitely playing Lena as crushing. It's not just her, tough, it's in the script to.. "Just let the reporter barge in any time" is not normal operating procedure for a CEO. I mentioned this on the subreddit, but I think it's all a very neat piece of obfuscation. The showrunners outright stated someone would be coming out. That's a major spoiler, but then they went ahead and set up 3 entirely plausible same sex couples, which keeps us guessing which one they're going to execute on. Winn has decent chemistry with Mon-El, and it would be very easy to add to his backstory that the reason the prince tricked him into the pod is that they were lovers - heck, the dialogue of that scene was lifted straight from the pages of a bodice ripper. "For once in your life do as I say"? Alex and Maggie are the odds on favorite, even with Alex getting her heart broken a bit this episode. And of course, Lena and Kara, who are a whole walking buffet of storylines just waiting to happen. Heck, I'd only be somewhat surprised if they executed on more than one of those pairings.