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  1. SusannahTaylor3

    King Of Queens

    I thought they made her a little too mean. I think halfway between nice Carrie and mean Carrie would have been a good compromise. I actually stop watching during the final couple of seasons. They literally start to hate each other. Totally get the only reason Doug married her was because she's supposedly hot. Those two deserved each other because no one else would want them.
  2. SusannahTaylor3

    King Of Queens

    I'm watching this show on TVLand right now and it just hit me how much Carrie's character is so much like Arthur. She's a female Arthur. She had some hangups like banning them from going to restaurants because the maître d had an attitude or banning the dry cleaners because they were rude to her. Doug is no prize at the fair with his constant lying, gluttony, and laziness. They actually deserve each other because I can't imagine anyone else would have either of them. Carrie got meaner and meaner and Doug got lazier, and lied more. I actually liked Carrie in the pilot and the beginning of the sitcom but after they gave her more attitude I couldn't see what Doug saw in her.
  3. SusannahTaylor3

    Tracy: Still getting her wig figured out

    Traci's still trying to find her way and where she fits in with her sisters. I didn't like the hair on her. Her face is so pretty. It's a shame she covers it up with the weird hair color. She also seems to be putting the weight back on too. Toni looks the best out of them all. I like how she has gone to the short, more mature look. Her health seems to still be an issue with her but she seems to be handling it much better. I like that Tamar was ok with her missing the birthday party.
  4. SusannahTaylor3

    Debra: Shrill Harpy or Saint (or Something Else?)

    True. They both did hit it off when Ray and Debra did the crossover show on King of Queens. Doug wanted her to tone it down but that's what ended up bonding Carrie and Debra. They do seem like one in the same. Both have lazy, selfish husbands who have no drive or ambition other than making themselves happy even if they have to lie. Carrie has to be hands down meaner. Debra had her moments but Carrie always seems to be pissed off about something. She was another one who started off sweet but then she started being angry at everything and everyone.
  5. The later episodes where Robert was lusting after Debra. The one that comes to mind is when Robert suggests that Ray get Debra a 1st edition book for Christmas. Debra is so touched that Ray actually remembered that it was her favorite book. Robert couldn't take it and burst out that it was him who suggested the book. It was so important for him that she knew that. Also Robert got worse as the seasons went on. I don't know what Amy saw in him towards the end. She must have something others didn't. I was amazed that she kept going back to him. When I was dating if I broke up with someone that was it. She kept going back in hopes that he would change. She reminds me of one of my girlfriends who just wanted to be married because everyone else was. She's very unhappy in her marriage and is sorry she was so desperate to get married. Robert was bitter, angry, and vindictive towards Ray and it made him happy to see Ray in hot water with Debra. In the earlier seasons he was a much better person. He still had his bitter feelings towards Ray but he was still very goodhearted. Towards the end of the series, he even turned on Debra. An example is when Ray got the special degree and forgot to mention Debra. Robert was gleeful that Ray messed up but didn't think how that would hurt Debra too. He just wanted to get Ray at whatever cost.
  6. SusannahTaylor3

    Ray: Momma's Boy

    Honestly, they were both pretty bad in that episode. I can't think of anything redeemable about either of them. Ray was selfish and Debra was mean. Debra for not wanting to acknowledge that Ray was her husband and Ray for not voting for his own wife because he would have to start helping out at home more often if she won. Ray was being obnoxious at the meeting and why did he put the meat back when he was told that the meeting was starting. That was gross. He was touching the meat and getting ready to eat when he got called out. It was obvious that he didn't want to be there and he was making sure everybody knew. In a way I can see how Debra would be embarrassed for him. That's one episode that I don't think the blame should be all on Ray. I agree, because Marie only cared about Ray so he learned that the world revolved around him and expected his wife to feel the same way. I'm not sure Ray catered to his mom because he cared for her. I think she stroked his ego and he wanted that to keep happening so he catered to her so it would continue. Most of the time she was the only one who came to Ray's defense. He loved his kids and Debra. I just think he didn't know how to express it or even show it. Look who his parents are especially his dad. He really didn't have a good role model for what a good dad or husband was like. Frank called them Nancy or told them to get over it and not to show emotion. He was into her for what she could do for him (sex). Plus, she was considered hot by his friends and it stroked his ego to know that she would choose him over someone else. He didn't think he deserved her.
  7. SusannahTaylor3

    Debra: Shrill Harpy or Saint (or Something Else?)

    Jill got worse when she started going back to school to become a psychologist then she became very condescending and seemed to think she was better than Tim. She even stopped being as fun and giggly as she was in earlier shows. Debra's problem is that she wanted Ray to be something he wasn't and she was frustrated because he wouldn't fit into her mold of what she wanted him to be. Just look at the way Marie did everything for Frank, Ray, and Robert. They didn't have to lift a finger and Ray liked that and he wanted Debra to be the same way. The more like Frank he became the more like Marie she became out of frustration.
  8. SusannahTaylor3

    Debra: Shrill Harpy or Saint (or Something Else?)

    I also thought Ray was dead on right about how Debra likes to be the martyr. She's like Marie there. Marie likes to be the long suffering wife and mom and lays on the guilt trips like no one else can. If the show had gone on any further I could see Debra becoming more and more like Marie. She was heading that way. I think Ray was a lot like Frank and Debra was a lot like Marie so it was like a new generation of Frank and Marie. Another episode where I thought that Debra was a lot like Marie was when they hired a nanny because the kids were wild and the kids liked the nanny better. She couldn't stand to see the kids preferring Lisa (nanny) to her so she fired her and had Marie watch them. I could see Marie doing the same thing when Ray and Robert were the same age as Ray's kids.
  9. SusannahTaylor3

    Debra: Shrill Harpy or Saint (or Something Else?)

    I had a hard time feeling sorry for Debra when she wasn't ready on time. It wasn't as if she wasn't ready to go yet, she was just doing some last minute primping. She could have also yelled down to Ray to let him know what happened with the curling iron so he would know something was wrong. I call it as being both of their faults. Ray should have gone and checked on her or at least maybe had Amy check on her and Debra should have let Ray know what was going on. I didn't think she should have waited for him to come home still angry. Then again he should have waited for her. Even Frank said "Ass In Seat" didn't pertain to Marie, just Ray and Robert. Even Frank knew you didn't do that. If the curling iron wouldn't have gotten stuck in her hair she would have been ready. She had her makeup and clothes on and was doing some last minute touch ups to her hair. She still would have been ready on time. They both have a problem communicating with each other. This episode is a prime example. By the way, I hated the dress Debra wore. It looked like a negligee to me. When she was still touching up her hair I thought she wasn't dressed yet until I took a better look at the dress. This was in the last season of ELR and she got shriller and became more of a shrew during this season and the ones leading up to the last season.
  10. SusannahTaylor3

    Toni: Oldest sister and original star

    I agree. I think Toni has even mentioned that she is a perfectionist and that she is hard on assistants. Remember the season when she was trying out her new assistant and Towanda was explaining the job and how Toni likes things a certain way. Towanda was pulling her hair out worrying whether the assistant would live up to Toni's standards. I remember Toni even saying that she didn't want to ask or tell an assistant what she wants, they need to know it before she asks for it. This niece is her brother's child.
  11. SusannahTaylor3

    Toni: Oldest sister and original star

    I'm glad we got to see her perform a little. She looks great.
  12. SusannahTaylor3

    Towanda: Original Secret Squirrel

    I think there's much more to it than that but may have something to do with it. I think we just haven't been privy to what is really going on there. This feud between Towanda and Tamar has been going on since the beginning of last season. I really felt sorry for Trina. She really seemed to be genuinely upset about what is happening. The party comment from Tamar's friend I think is a catalyst and not really the issue. It was silly to fight over and I kept shaking my head wondering why it was such a big deal. I was also annoyed that Towanda made issue of it at Tamar's birthday party. I think Towanda likes stirring up trouble and Tamar reacts because Towanda pushes her buttons and Tamar reacts to it every time. I'm always amazed that there is no jealousy for Toni. She's the most successful of them all.
  13. SusannahTaylor3

    S:10: Final Four - Lenny, Luca, Sarah & Nicole

    It's really too late to delete the videos and board posts because everything is out in the open now. It's been linked and saved by people so it's too late to do anything about it. That's why I am careful not to post things that could be interpreted the wrong way. He was stupid to do it and to not expect people to see it.
  14. SusannahTaylor3

    FNS Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    Given that theory then Luca should win the whole thing. I guess FN has run out of original ideas so they are "borrowing" ideas from TC. If you really want to talk underdog, Nicole is pretty much it because she is kind of default in the final 3 with Sarah being gone now. Lenny's been on the top and Alton even told him that he's the one to beat. Now Luca's come back and has been successful... More successful than Nicole. Since Luca's been back he really hasn't been the underdog. He has done well these last few weeks and hasn't been on the bottom since his return. Nicole is still trying to polish herself up for the cameras and is constantly bring told to have fun when she's cooking. She still bring molded. You don't see much of that with the other two.
  15. SusannahTaylor3

    FNS Spoilers and Spoiled Speculation

    I think Luca re-entering the competition was a non issue except for the other contestants. I saw where the information was leaked before he re-entered. I'm wondering if it was leaked purposely to get people talking and watching. Is it a known fact that FN took down the video or speculation? They really haven't slipped up this year as they have in the past.