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  1. This is terrible! I was lucky to have a great doctor when I had my cancer. Some of the hospital staff were jerky, but my doc and his staff were fabulous. I will be praying for you and this situation. ❤️
  2. I was getting better, but the hacking and post nasal drip are back, although not as badly as before the surgery. I am still tired a lot. I take heart from the assurances of everyone here who has experienced this.
  3. I love animals, but am terribly allergic to cats. If we lived in a house, we would get a dog.
  4. You must have been a “public”. That’s what we called non-Catholic school kids.
  5. The school was 1/2 black from my house, and we were mostly taught by nuns. The ONLY time we got to stay home was in 1967, when Chicago had a huge blizzard. We went for half a day on Thursday, and they told us to stay home after lunch. We still went home for lunch in those days. The kids who lived farther away stayed home, and I think that the few lay teachers wanted to get home. My father was stuck at work for two days, and had to leave his car there for days.
  6. Hi Snarklers, I am still on the slow road to recovery. Emphasis on SLOW. I am still bleeding, although not as copiously as two weeks ago. I got my meds mixed up last night, and am trying to get back on schedule. I had no idea of how debilitating this would be. I am holding on to your promises that I will eventually be glad I did this. Keep me in your thoughts. ❤️??????
  7. Hi Snarklers, Just a brief update: I had my first post op visit today. OMG, I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GO THROUGH THE ROOF!! He went up there with a camera, a vacuum, and those sharp tools and went to town. They only give you a topical anesthetic. Mr. Hag watched it on a tv screen, and told me every time the doc got “a big one” and I saw what he took out manually. I almost gagged. That said, I am breathing a bit better but am still in terrible pain. I go back in 10 days. He promised me that it will be better next time. Again, thanks for your prayers and good thoughts. ❤️???
  8. I believe you forgot to say sorry! Mr. Hag is Canadian, and I have a boatloads of Canadian friends.
  9. Hi Snarklers, I had my sinus surgery on Thursday. The doc said it went well, but that the stuff in there was the consistency of plastic! It was way worse than he thought it would be. Meanwhile, I am in the midst of a few days of agony and bleeding. I can’t blow my nose for a week. The recovery period is a few months. Everyone tells me that I will be markedly better even in a week or two. Mr. Hag was a prince! He was there all day. Thanks for all of your prayers and good thoughts.
  10. Mr. Hag is doing quite well. I will take him for a chemical stress test on Tuesday. It takes 4 hours. On Wednesday, I go for my shrink appt., 1.5 hours of fun. Our friends arrive from Ecuador late on Weds. night. My surgery is n Thursday, but they won’t tell me what time until the day before. I start preventative antibiotics and steroids tomorrow. Our son is coming for a visit late on Thursday. I expect that I will be out of it for the rest of the day after my surgery. Big Al is doing better. The joke now is that I am her, Roman numeral II. Mr. Hag and I watched The Marvelous Mrs.
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