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  1. just jumping in to say I avoided this show when it was on SyFy, for reasons i cannot remember, but since I joined Prime (just for "Man in the High Castle" at first) I have discovered this series and am absolutely loving it. I only watch on my computer moniter, but we're now streaming other old shows thru the app on our BluRay player and moderately large TV screen -- well, it seemed large when we bought it years*years ago. I am trying to ration the tail end of season 4 this month, and have just discovered your backlog of discussion threads here to keep me in the loop until season 5 is released. Hi!
  2. just to be "that guy" i'll point out for saoirse that the episode description has broken Fredwynn's name. My family wanted me to wait until we were all available to watch this show together, but I just couldn't wait. I felt like parts of it dragged a bit, but I'll still be able to enjoy it again this weekend with them. I didn't see much that would have had me hitting rewind-and-pause to get a closer look, but I'm following a group on Discord that does just that and more. "Is it real?" Good question!
  3. new interview w/ Jason Segel: "The writer, creator and star explains the thinking behind his beautifully bizarre new TV show -- and why it’s the 40-year-old’s equivalent of a full-frontal nude scene." https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-features/jason-segel-dispatches-from-elsewhere-interview-958069/
  4. On AMC’s “Dispatches from Elsewhere,” Jason Segel Plays with Convoluted Ways of Telling Straight Stories https://www.newyorker.com/culture/on-television/on-amcs-dispatches-from-elsewhere-jason-segel-plays-with-convoluted-ways-of-telling-straight-stories
  5. Forgive me if I missed this, but is there an explanation for why an injection could perform instantaneous gene replacement/repair therapy? Within hours (or less) of giving herself a dose of experimental fluids, she's testing a cheek swab? Does one's saliva carry new DNA that quickly? It also didn't look like her I.V. line was directly into a vein, more like the muscle of her forearm, because she was bending her elbow a scary amount based on how rigid I need to keep my arm when I donate blood. Minor details, maybe, but it's frustrating to be so distracted by their "science" that I can't enjoy the unfolding events in real time.
  6. Jason Segel appeared as a guest on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert last night. https://mashable.com/video/jason-segel-dispatches-from-elsewhere-research/
  7. I just wanted to echo my surprise at this performance. At the first commercial break after The Binder appeared, i told my viewing companion how much I dislike* Matt Frewer as an actor. By the end, I was so absorbed by the story and his presentation of it, I had forgotten the actor entirely. I now look forward to my usual rewatch, and will pay attention to how he portrays this character and the acting choices he made. Maybe I should give some credit to the director as well? Good writing never hurts either. (And make-up, and costumes, etc., a perfect storm of talent) *most** of Frewer's characters are written as over-the-top anyway, so he is cast specifically to do his thing. I think I especially detested his Australian accent on Eureka. HOWEVER, I give him praise and adoration for one role, that of a man on the mini-series version of "The Stand" whose one line sticks with me: "My life for you," said many times in many slight variations, and with such emotion. **duh, Max Headroom was gold. It was just so long ago, I had actually forgotten it until now.
  8. I'm boarding this flight, but not in first class. I promise not to judge it on the pilot alone. Most shows take several weeks to get out of the gateway and into open space. From there... already I'm tired of the airplane puns, sorry.
  9. I'm still working thru a backlog on my DVR and just now catching up to this episode. Did you know https://fuzzbeat.com/ exists? I didn't find any indication that it is official or affiliated with SyFy in any way, but it does have the alternate screen with the magic stuff. Tons of funny one-liners in this ep, too many to remember for the quotes thread.
  10. Thought it was over? maybe not... Lesley Goldberg @Snoodit says: on Twitter
  11. I finally decided to clear my backlog and watched the final two episodes of this series. The cliffhanger ending seemed rather abrupt -- and I am not expecting to ever see it be resolved. I had such high hopes for this show before it began, then wanted to enjoy it for camp and snark, but by the end it was ... well, it ended with a whimper. I'm sorry we bothered creating the other sub-categories for discussion here. Later episodes had fewer quotable lines, with or without context. I stopped wondering where they were getting their food, their clean water, and whether or not they ever bathed. The show quickly dispensed with any pretense of addressing real issues anywhere on the spectrum between mythology and science. In the end, none of those questions mattered. Thank you for surviving with me.
  12. I was optimistic about the reporter lady joining the troupe. Sad to see her gone so soon. What was the point of the white whirlwind dropping her back to Earth only to suck her back up again? Instead, we get another new young lady, with issues, because it is Matt's turn to be "apocalypse married" or whatever Dana called it. Taking bets on how long Sarah lasts? Don't bother; I've checked IMDB. We have two more episodes to take this ride together. See you on the other side! All snark aside, I must say that I'm enjoying the poetry coming from the radio. Whichever writer is penning that portion of the script, their words sing to me. A lot of the lines in this latest episode struck me as being well-written, not in the way I could drop them into our funny quotes thread, but more along the lines of how bizarre things are getting for the family. They say witty things to one another to ease the tension, things that would seem insane when taken out of context. I'm enjoying the show on that level.
  13. And the next two episode titles are also pointing back to "The Waste Land" poem. Cool, I guess? 11/22 #1.09 "The Barbarous King" references The Myth of Philomela: "The change of Philomel, by the barbarous king" . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philomela 11/29 #1.10 "Hieronymo's Mad Againe" is Eliot quoting a line from 'The Spanish Tragedy'. ("Why then Ile fit you. Hieronymo's mad againe") One analysis I found says, the protagonist's acceptance of what is in reality the deepest truth will seem to the present world mere madness. Hieronymo in the play was "mad" for a purpose, just our dad Josh is going mad but is receiving prophetic visions and information from it (because he is an 'adept'). See http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/poets/a_f/eliot/wasteland.htm I suppose I should go back and find all the other meanings for the episode titles, but that sounds like homework.
  14. first, here is a list of episode titles so far: 09-27 #1.01 "RVL 6768" 10-04 #1.02 "In Rats Alley" 10-11 #1.03 "In Our Empty Rooms" 10-18 #1.04 "Fever of the Bone" 10-25 #1.05 "A Clatter and a Chatter" 11-01 #1.06 "Madame Sosostris" 11-08 #1.07 "What The Thunder Said" 11-15 #1.08 "Here is no water but only rock" That latest one felt familiar, but I had to use Google to tell me it is a line from "The Waste Land" by T.S.Eliot (a very good poem, go read it sometime). Google cannot tell me what salted earth smells like, nor how much salt it would take to destroy an entire working ranch or farm or whatever our family has returned to. (I'm pretty sure the ocean smells of brine, not salt, which is a whole bunch of other minerals and dead sea life particles.) And what was the point of handing a distraught woman a gun and leaving her to shoot her own infected husband. Then just driving off and abandoning her? She was their neighbor, and presumably a friend. Oh, and the house wasn't entirely destroyed, so maybe you could have salvaged some possessions and supplies while you were there. But sure, fly east with the dragons. It works in video games.
  15. Well, if they kill off a peripheral character each week -- and stop picking up new ones -- we'll have more room in that RV again.
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