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  1. Incredibly sad news from Travis Danny was such a beautiful dancer. I always wished him well.
  2. I don't know, I think all politicians is fair. Unless they're like, SUPER retired from politics, and they're doing the show to promote their charity that finds shoes for disadvantaged children with two different sized feet or something. I can't think of a politician I would want on the show, even one I liked. (If I like them, I want them to be doing important things, not this!) I think a lot of times, the complaint "don't talk about politics here" is used to silence marginalized voices, but in this context, it's already enforced. So you end up with this person whose mere existence is polarizing, you're not allowed to talk about the real, human cost reasons why you feel so strongly about it, and it devolves into the shittiest version of no substance, red team/blue team tribal politics. People who are famous for something else, but also have political views, I think are fair game. But when the show casts a purely political figure and then edits out all the politics to try to make them seem like your favorite problematic uncle, that's when it feels like they're just wallpapering over the elephant in the room. There's certain other "controversial" contestants it feels like this for too, like Paula Deen, but it's almost always true for politicians. Maybe the rule of thumb is, if they are famous for being a "controversial" figure, you have to be able to talk about WHY they're controversial. If you can't, no casting. The flip side of it, in the "good controversy" category, is if they cast someone like Colin Kaepernick, and then he wasn't allowed to talk about WHY what he's doing is so important to him, I would be infinitely frustrated.
  3. THIS IS THE PROBLEM. It’s a dance show. There shouldn’t be a “message” to “show ‘em” (WHO’S THEM?!?!? A country singer girl and a couple people who were on shows in the 90s?) besides, “this is my best attempt at a cha cha, and here are some wacky hijinks behind the scenes.” That Spicer, taking a bold stance against...rhythm???? That’ll get them? He’s not proving anything, it’s a made up “fight” about nonsense. And literally no one “in Hollywood” cares except for people who found this show to be a fun diversion and now are bummed it’s not anymore. No politicians should be on this thing, it makes everything too stupid.
  4. Honestly, I don’t mind “bad dancers” getting far in this thing. That Cubs dude? Fine, he was enjoyable. Alek Skarlatos - terrible dancer and conservative - didn’t mind him in the finals. What I mind is entitled assholes playing the victim to drum up votes. If anyone watches The Good Place, they have a character this season who’s a blowhard asshole who thinks the world should bend to his every whim. The second he doesn’t get the “complos” (compliments) he thinks he deserves, he cries about he’s being attacked. That’s what Spicer’s sad conservative talk show tour, as seen in the Daily Show clip in his thread, reminds me of. He seems to be playing nice on the show, but crying endlessly out of the other side of his mouth. (Ahem, two faced liar.) That’s what made Bones so insufferable as well. I don’t think this show has a voting problem, really. It has a “don’t cast assholes in the first place” problem.
  5. It’s making up a grievance by making up someone to be against. The political name of the game. Then, when your pretend opponent calls you out on it, you call them “sensitive” and at the same time cry endlessly about how mean they are. If someone points out that makes no sense, call them crazy. Straight out of the playbook of He Who We Are Not Allowed To Talk About. I hate that it seems to work.
  6. I find it deeply embarrassing for the country, and would no matter what party the president belonged to.
  7. Yeah, it got really big on Netflix with the teen crew. Billie Eilish - 17 years old with one of the best selling albums of the summer - sampled one of the episodes in one of her songs. Here she is getting quizzed by Rainn Wilson on office trivia
  8. It’s this giant ass chip on the shoulder attitude that’s sucking the joy out of it for me. Bobby Bones & his fans have it. Spicer & his cult have it. You know if he ever does get eliminated the crying about “bias” will never stop. I’ll take a girl crying a bit too hard when she gets eliminated because she wanted it too hard over that “woah is me, own the libs/Hollywood elite/whoever you’re blaming today” whining every day.
  9. If he says 17 lbs, he’s probably lost 3, knowing how good he is at estimating the sizes of things.
  10. Yeah, they took the dullness of last season and made it worse. I’ve only watched since the Meryl/Amy/Charlie season, and I can’t tell if it’s just bound to get repetitive after a while or if the choreography has gotten more boring. Highlighted by Disney night, how many pirate pasos and Cinderella waltzes can you do? They all look the same. James and Kel are both nostalgia castings for me, and while I like them both I don’t care. Something about this cast isn’t gelling, and Spicer is hanging around like a fart in an elevator making everything feel Bad.
  11. Jenna’s mom has been fighting with Instagram commenters on the DWTS page, so I think they read some of them. 😬 I’m not the hugest Jenna defender but I do think Karamo is... sorta bad. His dance last night was awkward and stompy. I don’t know if this is due to a lack of teaching ability on Jenna’s part, or Karamo just not being as good at this as everyone expected him to be.
  12. Ah, see that’s what I get for only watching YouTube dances, I miss* that stuff! * I don’t really miss it
  13. I wonder if Kel’s votes are being hurt by him playing “against type.” Most people know him from roles as this high energy goofball idiot, and besides the fact that he slid out of his face week 1, he comes across much more serious. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be typecast as his teen self forever, but, like Alphonso, he may need to give the people what they want and bop around to a Goodburger dance. Curious where the lift police land on a squad of troupe dancers lifting up both partners (Val & Sailor). Guess that’s a loophole in the lift manual? You can’t lift your partner but others can? (I kinda enjoyed the dance, I mostly think lift policing is dumb) Its nice to see Pasha & Kate gaining steam. They bring a bit of a refreshing energy to this mess. Also, side note, man I really love that Selena song.
  14. I like how they made a huge deal about cutting the troupe this year and “going back to classic dances that aren’t such a big production,” and by week 3 they’ve immediately brought everyone back
  15. I’d be worried about Kate and Pasha, which is a shame because they’re more deserving to stay than plenty others. But comedians don’t ever seem to do well, female comedians even worse, and she’s got the most unknown pro. She’s not who I’d want to go home (ahem florescent human trashbag who shall not be named) but the person I want to go home first never does.
  16. Ah, got it. She’s not a celeb, she’s a new pro dancer. Both her and Keo will be doing dances all season demonstrating proper technique, they won’t be competing to win. That’s why I said Keo doesn’t have a “celeb” partner. Some are viewing it as a demotion, as he’s effectively no longer in the competition.
  17. I'm gonna lock in a prediction before the season starts, so in the case I'm right I get to feel like I called it. (I haven't watched any of the dances) I think James will win.
  18. Ooh, we haven’t had a good, “Val has damaged one of his partners” scandal in a while.
  19. Unless @Kira53 means getting Daniella as a partner is better than getting a so-called celebrity? I do like Daniella, she’s a pretty captivating dancer, it’ll be fun to see what they can do. Maybe it’ll be more fun for them to be able to dance full out every week with someone at the top of their game.
  20. Hmm, given that it looks flattering on none of them, I might argue the “wisdom” in that conventional wisdom. It looks drab and sad. Like they’re advertising a mid season replacement workplace drama about sad lawyers, that will make it through 6 episodes before inevitably getting canceled.
  21. Confirmation that Keo doesn’t have a celeb partner this season
  22. The people who will be taking the time to do this will be “superfans” of a particular person and would have been voting for their person no matter what the performance was anyway. What it will do is lock out west coast casual voters. Most people won’t take the time to remember to vote. There’ll be less votes overall. They haven’t disclosed when the voting window is. If it’s the whole show, people who dance early have more time to get votes (or later dancers are just relying on popularity votes.) If it’s a 10 min window at the end of the show, they’ll REALLY cut down on the number of votes they get. Also, what is up with the weird styling in the promotional material they’ve been putting up? It’s like they’re trying to make the show seem even more stodgy and boring. Its like they decided to accept that their audience is conservative senior citizens and leaned way the hell in? Why is everyone dressed like they’re going to a funeral?
  23. Voting change: only live (east coast) votes will count https://www.wdtvpress.com/abc/pressrelease/dancing-with-the-stars-season-premiere-2019-season-premiere-9-16/?fbclid=IwAR3el5BKILVS49LGbalVk4hbpu7GyT5lsW9UbmxPrEKAWlodRFnfBO9UtVk “For the show’s first broadcast, there will not be a viewing audience vote, and only the judges will score the routines. Those scores will carry over and be combined with judges’ scores from week two, which also marks the first weekly live viewing audience vote of the season (via abc.com and SMS/text) – and the first elimination. The live votes will occur each week only during the live broadcast in the EDT/CDT time zones (but fans in all U.S. time zones may vote within that window). Moving forward with each subsequent Monday night, the live vote combined with the judges’ scores will be revealed during the broadcast”
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