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  1. Jal

    Season 16 Discussion

    Holy wow, Maelyn
  2. Jal

    Season 16 Discussion

    I didn't get that choice by John either. Oliv has a beautiful voice and a lot of confidence. She was absolutely perfect for his team. I guess he saw a lot of potential in Kayslin. I hope Blake lets Oliv have a say in her song choices, or he looks into what might work best with her voice.
  3. Jal


    Mark is so annoying with his, "you have to say yes right now". Ugh.
  4. Jal

    Selling Sunset

    To be fair, English isn't his first language. It's quite hard to be charming and funny in a different language and he obviously hasn't grasped it yet. For all we know, he could be outgoing and have more of a personality with his own friends or colleagues. But I do agree that Mary is choosing him for the wrong reasons and he's not a long-term prospect. I liked Christine for a while and then realized that she is sometimes the very thing she calls other women—two-faced. She spends some alone time with the women to get more info out of them (probably egged on by the producers), shares stories with the women and seems like she relates, but then goes on the attack when one aspect isn't to her liking or something rubs her the wrong way. Davina is the worst. She's just a bummer and full of jealousy.
  5. Jal

    Season 16 Discussion

    Who are these crazy people choosing Adam?
  6. Jal

    Season 16 Discussion

    Yes, she's won with female contestants, but that doesn't mean guys don't have a chance on her team. One does not rule out the other. It just so happens that she chose certain women to represent her team as time went on, and she obviously made the right decision because they won. Jej is going to make it far.
  7. Jal


    I'm not surprised the Curl Mix folks didn't take the deal. And even if they ended up liking the percentage, why take a deal with a guy who can't see something as obvious as what side of the head had defined curls and which side didn't? It was ridiculous.
  8. Jal

    S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    Team Cleen had way too much power after winning that first challenge.
  9. Jal

    Season 15 Discussion

    Variations of this exist in other cultures, like classical Indian music. But I agree it's valued much higher than it should be in these competitions now. It shouldn't be used all over the place.
  10. Jal

    S14.E21: Live Top 10 Performances

    So excited to hear Gravity on this show. No one can out-sing Sara Bareilles on her own music (the depth of her voice is astounding to hear), but I'm glad Jackie Foster tried.
  11. Jal

    S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    I quite liked Roly's outfit. It suits him. This is the one of the only times that I didn't think Josh had the best tattoo of the night, but he ended up winning. Oh, well. He deserved it for his previous tattoo work, I suppose. I can't stand DJ. He needs professional help for his outbursts.
  12. Jal

    S14.E16: The Live Playoffs, Night 3

    I doubt one or two people on Twitter had any influence over her choice. What's more likely is that she looked at all the stats herself or asked people she trusted and figured it out. Also, it's entirely possible that she believes Christiana is more special AND more popular than Terrence and voted that way. Alicia is somewhat strategic in her decisions.
  13. Jal

    S10.E15: Final Exam

    Skin trauma is pretty serious regardless. It's just that you can't see it much in this image or any of the images that were presented unless you look closer, just like most skin trauma. And the image itself is beautiful. So I have no problems with this in that Instagram account. It's just weird that some people are downplaying skin trauma.
  14. Jal

    S14.E16: The Live Playoffs, Night 3

    His looks? He's alright but if I were voting based on looks it would've gone to Dylan. Or one of the women. Unless you're talking about a specific demographic of women. But even then I doubt that was the case here. A lot of people loved Pryor in the beginning. I don't get it. Team Alicia was better than all the other teams put together. Too bad they had to eliminate contestants this way.
  15. Jal

    S10.E14: No Stain, No Gain

    Josh's tattoos are killer. Not a fan of how dark that red was for the monochromatic tattoo and he obviously can't handle not being in charge, but overall he definitely had the best tattoo of the night. And it was quite obvious that Roly should've gone home. I did like that he chose a different colour scheme from the others though.