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  1. I didn't see it that way at all. While I was annoyed with Inspector Melissa at Dolo/David's house, it was refreshing to see a woman tell her daughter that she could wear what she liked. I didn't see objectification there. I saw a mom letting her daughter have some agency. Antonia is a teen.
  2. I just finished a Hulu rewatch and am so glad I did. I hadn't revisited any of it since it first aired. Though nothing compares to those first times (the light from the hatch window, the end of Walkabout, Desmond and Penny's phone call, "We have to go back!"), I found myself just as enthralled, if not more so, simply because I could remember plot points from 3 seasons ago much more easily since it wasn't that long ago that I watched them. I remember also being kind of perturbed at the cynics' opinion of the finale. I remember thinking that it was beautiful and fitting and gave me what I n
  3. Anyone else spend a good chunk of the episode wondering how she got pregnant in the first place? Was she pregnant before she went to prison? It seemed like she was in that ward for more than a couple months. And she was what? 16? Do they have conjugal visits for minors? Was she raped in prison by a warden? Those unanswered questions bothered me more than what she was in for.
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