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  1. Holy hell that picture is desperate delusion.
  2. Just GAG at that photo of these two grifters in their matching Hannah Andersson printed jammies, once again posing for yet *another* session in an endless series of photo shoots. Pretty try-hard to convince us they're just so in wuvvvv. Does she have his balls in her purse or what? Here I thought that shirt with the pink flowers was an eye roller.
  3. I'm not PC at all so my first thought was just how many men are really going to want a shirt full of pink flowers. My next thought was here we go again with ALWAYS MORE preaching from these two big ego marital experts. Finally, the whole thing is really just a quote of SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK which Tawdry just cheapens as said above by using it to peddle her ugly shirts.
  4. Yeah. You are NOT cute, Audrey. I wonder if maybe she insists on doing it all herself so she can be all "Martyr Mommy" for her Instagram fan club?
  5. I will bet that if they have the kitchen redone, InTouch will just by complete coincidence of course decide to do a follow up story on "one year after baby arrived" and will just so happen to decide to take pics of them in the new kitchen. Auj and Mr. Builder will have had absolutely no influence of course....it was all the magazine's idea.
  6. Me too. ? All that fawning article means is whatever publicist either the Roloffs or the network employs made a call and sent money to that rag. They're just a publicists's mouthpiece. Talk about very obvious, wayyyy over-the-top flattery.
  7. As some common essential oils are toxic to cats. Unless....the poor cat is sick from already being "treated" with essential oils.....
  8. Yep! At least with the bun, we couldn't see how stringy and greasy it is. ?
  9. Sure, sure, the reason you're hiring a contractor this time is because you're just too bizzy...why just no time at all what with the bizzy holidays and all. Rigggghhht. No time? What is he talking about? What does he DO that qualifies as legit too busy to have the time? Sure, family is over visiting, right? Every day. For the next two months. Sure! The bitch in me agrees with you. Mr. DIY Guy is going with a contractor because whatever he's done in there himself is not only likely not up to code but had such bad flaws that those of us looking at the kitchen pics on cell phones can see the obvious sloppy work.
  10. ?LOL. They say "Always More" on them, and for an extra fee, you can get your marriage vows printed on it, too!!? Part of a gift set that includes the navigator journal-oh but that will cost you extra.
  11. Well, I looked. She posts about how she loves this farmer (ha, haha) because of all he has "delt" with this month, which includes working "everyday" at the pumpkin patch, running the oh-so-time consuming blogs (the 50% one and her "shop" (hey, maybe it was good 'ole honest farmer Jer who deleted that negative review about poor quality), and let's see, what what else...he "delt" with a leak somewhere and a water heater problem, brought her food while she feeds the baby, and on top of all THAT, folks, he STILL found the time in his exhaustive schedule to STILL help her with the infant. Help her with Ember? What does she mean by this? Neither one of these people has a job, the two of them up till now (well, the pre-Charcoal era) have had all day "everyday" to do nothing, and now that the baby's here, you've got two adults who have nothing else that they have to do but take care of the one baby, but I guess that there baby-raisin', why, that's wimmin's work, and if farmer Jer lifts a finger off his precious espresso machine to, oh, I don't know, parent his own kid, let's shower on the praise. Also, in the midst of this post, she mentions they still don't have a working stove or oven......Hmmm. Personally, I highly doubt they are cooking in the microwave or on a hot plate, and I'm betting they're living on takeout. What a soldier he is, getting takeout all by his widdle self and yet STILL managing to bring home takeout for Tawdry, too. The cherry on top is one of the drooling fans reading these heaps of praise for hard-working farner Jer and all he's done this month (this. MONTH!), the first month he's done ANYTHING, and responding with "You got yourself a real man." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
  12. Referencing a few recent posts on this page regarding both steaks and irritating noises, and sorry if this has come up before, but OMG that irritating voice on the Omaha Steaks commercials....tender juicy this, mouth-watering that.....eeeccchhhhhh!! Ok, so I get it, she's trying to let the consumer "hear" the smile in her voice, but uugggghhhhhh, I can't stand it!!
  13. I don't know if you saw there was a very negative review on her "shop" that gave IIRC a 1 star review for the gold bar necklace and specifically stated that it was "poor quality." Silly me, here I was surprised she didn't delete the negative review immediately. Yes, I should have copied and pasted it here because........ Drum roll please........ Presto, the negative review is GONE. And **WHAT** a surprise that is.[/sarc].
  14. Not just the oh so busy part time Barre3 instructing (for what, a couple hours a year? Maybe? If even that?) Plus her lucrative "career" as an essential oils sales consultant, the income from her social media product promotions (just love the innovative sales technique of using their many body fluid stains ?? to sell sheets), the ripped-off "journals," and the verrrry busy business blogging NOT ONLY her aujpoj blog but ALSO the 50 percent blog? Which she co-founded? And of course the income ?from selling her overpriced "Always More" clothing (and jewelry!) in her "shop" on her blog. Where she has "expanded" her "business" into a baby clothing line. Which will undoubtedly expand into a toddler and then a children's clothing line as Ember ?and future sibs Ash, Cole, Kindling, and Briquette (thank u whoever came up w that one) grow into grade schoolers. Such a very bizzy entrepreneur with alllll of her many, many "businesses" but also a bizzy new mom too?? I just don't know *how* she manages to do it all, and with such beauty and grace. Wow, you're soooo uh-mazing Audrey, you're so beautiful Audrey, your love for the Lord is so inspiring Audrey, don't worry you're such a good mommy Audrey, just love your hair Audrey.......or so say her slobbering "fans" on Instagram. BARF.
  15. The posts about her current "pain and suffering" prompted me to re-read her Insta post, where she refers to "severe engorgement" ? and other complaints that are way too TMI for the public, particularly because the internet is forever and one day Ember? has to go to school with other kids who could make her life hell because of her parents' embarrassing internet postings, but anyway.... In that same post, she sniffles and tearfully wails that even despite all the BF pain and suffering, which is worse, oh, soooo much WORSE than labor pain: "But even though the tearful ??????sleepless nights persist, so will I." So there it is. She's saying the book title "She Persisted" refers to herself, Saint ?Oddj. I vote Option B ??
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