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  1. someone like ed needs leverage, that's the only way he can get a girl. he is physically disgusting, and has a horrible personality. he seems to be a mid 50's renter, so no home $$ to speak of, has declared bankruptcy twice I recall. I doubt he has any savings or retirement, probably horrible credit. So basically all he has is 90 day money, and the prospect of being on tv. pretty pathetic for a dude his age. most women over 25-30 have some dignity, and are looking for someone who has done well for themselves, or has a future they can build together. so ed has to troll the young mo
  2. and she sat there, so happy at the prospect of getting back with this human piece of garbage. she is a damaged woman, and needs real help. her family has failed her if they didn't do everything they could to stop this abomination.
  3. Liz, Ed is like a big pile of dog shit on the side of the road. For some reason you saw this big pile of shit and stuck your finger in it and tried to find something good in it. Now you finally realize it was just a pile of shit, and you were the idiot that stuck her finger in it...hoping it was more. Everyone pointed at you and said, don't stick your finger in the shit. The shit is still shit, and you have revealed yourself to be a completely pathetic and probably mentally slow. Go back to school and try to make something of your life. Stop crying about dogshit.
  4. she looks decent in what is posted, but when she does her talking segments for the show...she looks like she has jabba the hut's neck.
  5. she is an idiot, no point reasoning or trying to figure out the situation. she is not even an interesting or amusing idiot. I learned the term cold-shoulder shirt from this thread, so I guess there is that.
  6. dear liz, I am much older than you...but still many years younger than your boyfriend. I'm giving you the advice I would give my daughter or niece should she find herself in this unthinkable situation. if you were my daughter I would be camping on your doorstep, pleading with you to stop this madness. please for all that is decent, never see this man again. he discusses your greasy lovemaking on national television. any future boyfriend/husband will have to tell his mom/family about your time on television and how your openly dated a mayonnaise covered human troll doll, and let him t
  7. I think braces will help Julia's English is not what is stopping her from being a successful fashion designer. I'm guessing her lack of experience/education and general bad sense of fashion would be obstacles. She's perfectly qualified to work the counter of a gym club, or pole dancing.
  8. this girl is going to have to leave San Diego in shame. seriously. she has shamed herself and now can't even go to the trader joes without people looking at her and going, "ew". hope your short time on TV was worth it Liz.
  9. Amira is a stupid woman. That's the only thing that makes sense. She is just so dumb she can't go to school or work, and fell for Andrew. Maybe she was bullied as a child.
  10. well I defer to that knowledge. he definitely looks odiferous. I think he would be best suited for a career as a mascot at a theme park. dressed up as goofy or Winnie the Pooh. just walking around slowly making vague gestures. not actually speaking to anyone.
  11. I really hate them both, but her bulging eyes, pouting and delayed responses are insufferable. I reluctantly have to take the side of Mike, he should have sent her home when he had the chance.
  12. absolutely. I shudder to think of the poor kids in that daycare stuck all day with him and his gross mother. I imagine the place smells like urine and bologna.
  13. thank god my daughter will never need to encounter one of these disgusting man trolls preying on women who have limited alternatives in life. only jovi and yara seem legit to me.
  14. ok I got through the single life. I hope to god that liz girl is in this for the tv time. it would be so demeaning and embarrassing to go public with ed as a boyfriend. I know people would point and laugh, nobody thinks highly of him. not just his horrible appearance, but the things he did to rose. she would forever be marked with the stink of dating him. I forgive rose, because she lived in squalor and used this show to provide a home for her and her son. liz you are far better than this, and going out with him only encourages this past middle age, turtle of a man to pursue other wom
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