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  1. That's exactly what I meant. And yes, I do think the whole cutting off the facial extremities was unduly harsh, but I still think Judith deserved to pay in some way for what she did. Hey, we've all got something that really bothers us. There's a lot of people who still can't get over Rollo and the slave girl. With me, cheating really gets to me. Probably because I've seen so many family members have to deal with cheating spouses/partners. Adultery was tantamount to treason back then. I would've preferred a different sort of punishment, but I get the feeling that Hirst wanted to show off h
  2. I know right? They just went and glorified the affair and rewarded adultery. Might as well make Athelstan a saint while they're at it. I wouldn't be surprised if Aethelwulf dies before this season is up to make room for Alfred to become Ecbert's heir.
  3. Last week, I said this is the best show on TV. This week, I don't feel that so much anymore. Now that I've had time to stew on it, I really hated this episode. Nothing worked for me. Even King Ecbert whom I love managed to really turn me off. Lagertha's scenes were the only things palatable. I'll stick with the show as long as she's around, but if she keeps being marginalized, I'm gonna keep losing more and more interest.
  4. That was funny. I laughed out loud. It's nice that an intense drama like this still manages to have moments of levity. Nothing is doom and gloom all time time (unless you live on the Battlestar Galactica). We know how he dies in the epics, but since the show is playing fast and loose with everything (like the whole Alfred thing. Why, just why?). They've already let him outlive King Horik. And he and Rollo didn't even live in the same century right? He always manages to come out of everything okay, but that luck has got to run out eventually. Maybe this is the start of the beginni
  5. That was Sinric. Some wanderer Ragnar knows. Did anyone else think that was a middle aged woman at first? I thought Ragnar had found some old 'working girl' for Athelstan for some reason.
  6. I wonder how long Floki will keep the info about the massacred settlement to himself. He's been loyal to Ragnar thus far, but obviously, murdering Athelstan was a turning point. Oh I know he's well aware of it. He did everything but lock those 2 in a closet together. I wonder about Aethelwulf in the previews. He's gone to see Kwenthrith. I wonder if it's yet another con cooked up by daddy. Or, maybe he's glommed on to Ecbert being a manipulative snake and is looking to overthrow him? That would be interesting. I mean, I'm sure he know his father's nature by now, but now that Ecbert
  7. At the beginning of the season, I would've been devastated at the prospect of Athelstan dying. But, the character has fallen so far and been so destroyed for me that I don't even really care. I can't even mad at Floki. While I'm still pissed that the cheater's kid is apparently going to become Alfred the Great, I'm just happy that she got a punishment. I was fearing that she'd just get off scott free.
  8. Honestly, I think I'm just team Wessex at this point. King Ecbert is the devil because of destroying the vikings settlement and people are hoping Ragnar comes and kicks ass. Screw that. As if the Norsemen are freaking saints or something. Yeah, because raiding those monasteries and massacring those helpless monks wasn't horrible. Ragnar ordered Horik's daughters dead, but oh, he's somehow so much better than the Saxons? Hell no. If Lagertha somehow defected to the English side, I'd be outright rooting for the defeat of the viking brigade. :D
  9. Dude, Koda is adorable. Seriously. Those foot soldiers are some of the weakest I've ever seen in PR. It's like those kids who go out at Halloween with just a rubber mask on and call it a costume.
  10. I guess I'm the only one who really really hates the idea of that baby being Alfred the Great. Don't go there show! It's irrational cause I hate Judith and Athelstan has been ruined for me, so I don't want their brat given any importance. I hope the purpose of the storyline was to make Athelstan 'choose'. Weren't there spoilers about him becoming 'born again'? Maybe this whole disaster will be the catalyst for that. I'm still hopeful it's not the case though because Alfred was the youngest and had what, 3 brothers who ascended to the throne before him. As of now, Aethelwulf only has the on
  11. I'm not sure about Athelstan/Judith's unholy spawn being Alfred the Great. At least I'm hoping that's not the case. From the previews it looks like Judith is going to the execution block for her infidelity. If she's being publicly tried for her treason, I don't see any reason why Aethelwulf would claim that child as his own. If he was trying to save face it would be one thing, but then if that were the case, then wouldn't Judith be dealt with in a more secretive manner? Who knows though? This show always manages to surprise me.
  12. The show is playing fast and loose with history and timelines though. Take King Horik. Horik outlived Ragnar (if indeed Ragnar was even a real person and not an amalgamation of many men).
  13. Can someone remind me please? For the life of me I can't remember more than 'the harvest in blood' part.
  14. Ragnar is likeable? News to me. ;) I assume 'the bear' is Rollo, because TPTB has confirmed that he is the historical Rollo who was all involved with Paris and stuff, but doesn't real Bjorn end up married to some kind of princess as well?
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