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  1. Haha, my husband once asked why she was fake smiling like that(Molly)? I just laughed and said they all do it, her smile is just super intense and she's young, so she looks like a bit of a nut . He just looked at me like I was the nutter and walked out of the room....and I laughed ðŸĪŠ.
  2. At this point I dont care if the show goes away or not. I won't be heartbroken like when The Chew went off air. This show is boring. The food, the hosts . Now if Food network decided to recast with Carla Hall , Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly , I'd be thrilled.
  3. I think with Lisa and Sunny it's about being a Person of Color and or having immigrant parents. My mom always worked 3 jobs and all my siblings had jobs during high school, hell some before high school. I actually took what Sunny and Lisa were saying was more about American 20 somethings being lazy not the Chinese factory workers. I thought they were just referencing where it started.
  4. I got that feeling too. When Joy brought that same old talking point some comedians bring up about how comedians have to be politically correct now. I like what he said that you should what want to keep up with the current views. I get it that some comedians aren't happy they can't say shitty things about certain groups without being called out. That's life. If you can't find a way to be funny without putting down certain groups get a different career. Poc , women , LGBTQ, have a right to call you out for ugly views you call a "jokes". Btw, I love Joy.
  5. Having a husband dosen't mean help 😉. Obviously depending on the husband.
  6. I felt bad about Norris. He was a pain at times but you need characters you enjoy disliking at times. He had his moments that gave me a good giggle at times. Alina and Tyrone don't know about birth control obviously. I don't feel bad for Tyrone. I agree that Aline tried with Tyrone and Hope. I don't care if Alina goes. I don't think she will stay gone since she's pregnant. She'll pop up once Ty's is back on track. I dont want Fiz and Ty together. I like this new guy for Fiz. He seems so adult compared to Tyrone lol. I just hope we dont see a back and forth between T abd F. There
  7. I'm just under 55 lol. I'm 48. I want to watch it. I find it interesting. The whole story is crazy. What's fascinating is that Jim Bakker is back on TV asking for money and "preaching " with a new wife. After prison and Rape allegations and fraud, people will still send him money and tune in, unbelievable.
  8. I loved the conversation withTarana Burke. And not to bring up you know who, but I loved watching the interview and not preparing myself for you know who, to be the MOST outraged about women's sexual assaults. It was an informative conversation without one person trying to act as if they owned the outrage. It's nice again on The View.
  9. I didn't realize she was pregnant either lol.
  10. I listened to the first episode of the podcast, it was fun because Joy and Meridith are fun together. Nothing was revealed that we didnt already know. I didn't see Elizabeth Hasselback in the upcoming episodes lol. I've been enjoying The View again. Nothing major to comment on just interesting fun conversations. My only complaint is here comes WG again complaining about money and all the people she supports. I too enjoy a quiet Whoopi 😁.
  11. I know the bad haircut lawyer just wanted be on TV. So I'll just pretend he was a guy with a real issue with the haircut. He didn't notice her pull out the hair clipper? He didn't his hair falling down around him. Then to add the politics, ridiculous. Like I said I know he just wanted to be on TV .
  12. JJ said the seller couldn't keep the money and the horses. They didn't really explain why he ended up back with horses. The plaintiff at the very end when talking to the camera explained, she tried to get his truck fixed so she could get the horses from him. She also mentioned that she heard from a woman that claimed the defendant did the same to her. He claimed his truck broke down that time as well. Did anyone else see the episode of the lawyer suing a hairdresser for a $10 bad haircut? JJ had his number, he was definitely trying to get noticed.
  13. I really wanted Eileen and George to get together. Now , I don't even care. I'm ready to be done with the trial. I hope Fiz and Tyrone don't get back together. Tyrone just bugs the hell out of me. Allina plans a trip for her and Ty and he thinks this is not a good time to be on holiday, but says nothing. His lack of back bone is annoying.
  14. Yes, now that you say that, I see it. 😁
  15. I just realized who SB reminds me of. In an episode of The facts of life , the girls try to win a contest to be backup singers for El Debarge. There is a trio of very prim and proper singers in sweater vests. The main girl talks about making life long friends and sending out a newsletters. She sounds and looks just like SB . Lol, I'm laughing because, I'm sure no one knows what I'm talking about. (George Clooney tries to hit on her, but he just gets on the newsletter llist). Back to BB . I laughed so hard when Derek jumped out of that hammock. I just knew he was going to send Hanna
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