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  1. I might watch this episode eventually but tonight I decided to watch The Facts of life episodes. And let me tell you , tootie maybe losing her hearing is more interesting than Heather loooking for a vacation home.
  2. This episode was 2 hours. From the previews I had seen , I knew he killed her, I knew he was still married . So for 2 hours they explained nothing. 7 years in a relationship and she never went to his home? His brother acted as if he knew Molly ,so did Molly go around his parents and siblings? Where did they "get together "? She lived with her parents and he with his wife. Where were they planning on living? The wedding was 2 days away, did they have a home set up? The whole thing is confusing.
  3. I agree with everything. Speaking of what's her name lol. Is it Lydia? Did anyone find it odd that Daniel referred to her as his girlfriend lol. I started laughing thinking to myself 6 months with Adam Barlow makes you a fling but 6 hours knowing Daniel Barlow makes you a girlfriend 😄.
  4. Thamk you regarding Sarah and Adam. Why is she friends with his ex girlfriend if it brothers her so much? And what exactly is she pissed about? Is it that Adam had many women? Wtf? She's not new ,she and Adam have been involved for awhile, and that bothers her now? It's pretty ridiculous. I loved Mary and Sam's interaction. She's great with kids. *Gail has some nerve acting like Roy and Mary aren't good to hang out with Sam. * Gail and Roy were good friends at one time way back years ago when they worked in the cafe together. I wish writers would rember little bits like that.
  5. I don't think that would be a bad match up. I can see they would be attracted to each other. Hopefully Curtis and Grace are absolutely gone. Speaking of couples, can someone remind Faye she's supposed to be interested in Craig lol. She can't seem to muster up enough engery to pretend she is attracted to Craig. I wish Craig could find a real girlfriend. It seems the writers keep trying to throw these two together as a couple but they work much better as friends.
  6. https://dai.ly/x86pm28 @Badger Here is a link to the new episode.
  7. I watched it on dailymotion. I don't know why Britbox dosen't have it up yet? I usually check dailymotion if i know there is a new episode but britbox isn't showing it.
  8. If Maria is running the barber shop, does David still work there? And what are all the women in that area doing for cuts and color? Makes no sense that a salon is closed but the barber's is doing fab.
  9. Both situations incredibly disrespectful and belittling. So wrong for men and women to do.
  10. This. Che is so completely unfunny. The more Miranda loses her mind laughing or Carrie says how funny Che is, the more I dislike Che. Not Funny and Not interesting. As someone else said as soon as Che enters a scene I roll my eyes. I hate that stupid podcast.
  11. Great question. I think if it is a big F you to the viewers, that makes me dislike him more. Having interesting POC and LGBTQ characters isn't that difficult. Understanding the climate of change our society is trying to go through is fascinating and something a good writer should embrace and explore, or should at least want to. I have to agree with another poster, wow, did they dodge a bullet by killing off Big in the first episode.
  12. I'm watching the series but wasn't planning on watching. I'm watching because a friend kept asking , so I gave in. I loved SaTC. I admit the last season I was pretty much done. Watched the first movie but couldn't really find the energy to even finish the second one. I was fine with it. Then this came along. My friend wanted to discuss it ect. After giving my opinion she said i must have never a fan of SaTC lol. I was but this series is just so forced and trying so hard to correct the criticism it received for years. Not enough people of color and while they had Gay characters they wer
  13. I miss Shona. I know she's technically still on the show but I feel we haven't seen much from her. Watching yesterday's episodes reminded me that all we get from her is she occasionally shouts something at David or Max, and that's about it. Did she have any reaction to Roy leaving? I really like Emma and Amy's relationship. They haven't known each other long but see each other as sisters. @politichick lol, I don't think Gail is wearing a wig. She seems to have very thick hair, that definitely needs to be kept trimmed. Her tiny bird like face doesn't help😁 I dont know the y
  14. I'm sure there is truth that JLo wanted him to fix it. Idk. They both are old enough and been in the game long enough to know what they say is going to get attention. Especially when they are a couple. I'm sure the using of each other is a two street. I can't stand Matt or Ben, if you can't tell lol.
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