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  1. Did Summer see kelly slap Nina? I thought she left before that? I dont see summer being ok with kelly slapping Nina. She definitely would have confronted Kelly about that. I also hope this dosen't drag out too long.
  2. I agree about Corey and Kelly, I can see the show trying to rehab Kelly but I don't want to see that . I think I'm so shocked because people kept saying both Nina and Seb would recover so i just assumedthey would. I never heard about anyone leaving the show. I think Corrie kept this quiet because I see a lot of people are shocked. Abi falling to the ground made me break down😪
  3. Yes, I'm in bits. I didn't expect that. 😪
  4. Love Nina and Seb together. I usually didnt care for Seb but together they work. I'm so horrified by their attack. Absolutely frightening. I teared up as Roy was speaking to Nina. I actually cried more more when Abi said one minute everything is normal then it's not. Something happened in October that changed my life for ever. And when i look back i think of how just everything was just normal then bam. Corey and Kelly are horrible. I have never like kelly but why would she do this? Corey has alwasys been disgusting and his character would do this but Kelly while she had her is
  5. What the hell is wrong with them? The Facebook ban is not a free speech issue. Sara went on and on about all the outlets Trump has to spread his lies and hate, then talked about she's worried about free speech. Trump can go anywhere and talk his BS. Facebook is a private business as they all said, shut up and stop feeding the craziness that Trump is being muzzled. Meghan you are no Liz Cheney, I don't even like LC but I would never compare her and Meghan. Memememe, great argument about your party Meghan.
  6. I'm older than Tyrone, I'm 47, and i forget im old sometimes lol. Yeah i dont think Tyrone is middle aged 🤷🏾‍♀️
  7. Yes, I couldn't stand snobby Sally. Being with Tim has helped, love them together. Oh my god Gail has changed so much. The earliest episodes I watched she was with Martin and was working with Alma in the cafe. Yes, she was smart and together. Her character never was the same after Richard. That was the last I remember her being stong and confident. Even though i loved that she helped Becky out Tracy about Steve's baby ,I'm pretty sure that was after Richard but im not sure. She is nothing like that person any more so embarrassing. When I say I love the Fiz, Ty, Alina storyli
  8. I have never been a huge Sally fan , but I do like her much more lately. I did giggle when she told Abi, " I was always so happy on my wedding dayS." 😁
  9. Tyrone did sleep with Gemma before, I had forgotten about that, until i was recently reminded about that. Can't wait for Evelyn to come back.
  10. I haven't thought much about Fiz and Ty in so long the charactershave become so boring. Tyrone is usually a good guy. I bet the actors love having a juicy storyline. Alina's voice is incredibly annoying. That and Peter's beard lol. Speaking of Sam, what a sad little birthday that was.
  11. I love corrie, yeah this thread dosen't get too much traffic. There are many groups on Facebook but they can be combative especially if the topic of Fiz ,Tyrone and Alina comes up lol. I enjoying that storyline because it a good ol' soap opera storyline . Nick's son sam is adorable. I feel bad Nick left him behind for Leanne.
  12. I don't blame her. How dare the princess of privilege from Arizona say dont talk to me about racism, while Tim scott is being called names. It's so childish and ridiculous. I hate that they never directly say anything to Meghan but Meghan has no issue attacking her co hosts on camera. Sara, Joy, Ana.
  13. She also called "people" out(Meghan) for being ridiculous and saying don't talk about racism if Tim Scott is being called names. And whoopi also called "people" out(again Meghan's exact complaint) for being outraged about the amount of money it's going to cost to get this country back on track, but they never ranted about Trump running up the debt of this country. Whoopi is not my favorite but i appreciated her calling out "people" in real time. Since the people had just lost her mind a few minutes ago. Shallow note, Sara looked amazing her hair make up, the top she was wearing. All perf
  14. Meghan must have been watching, since she says masks were never needed outside from the beginning 🙄. Way to compete with Tucker and spread false info.
  15. First, I love Michael Symon, I think he's really great on this show. Not because i just love the guy, but because he has such an easy way about him and I can see him at least trying to teach them(contestants) something.
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