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  1. I thinks its a combination sun and bugs issue. She's very fair skinned and would burn quickly. So the mud dirt adds a layer of protection there. And then basically same for the bugs, another layer to get thru. Doesnt she have a boyfriend that's also a N&A'er? Dont recall who tho That was f'n brilliant! That will be this season's best invention. Last year it was the crossbow, this year its the toggle! Ugh. EJ and Jeff screamed thru their whole season on DS. Right from jump. I wish they would do a new season of DS but with a new team.
  2. I missed this segment but you make me want to go back and find it.
  3. No, i think what you heard was AB-HORS. They were doing a segment on going to the gym. 🙃 i kidd
  4. Only to the rest of us 🙃 Yes Ive heard all the orange and Cheeto jokes forever too, for some reason Cheeto Jesus got by me. Oh i didn't see the thing. Is she taking credit now? I call shenanigans! ( <---- 15 points if you can tell me what show that's from)
  5. While the Billy &Tiff segments were funny and delightful, i don't think the panel talked about the movie at all hahaha. There's just so much stuff to gab and catch up about. Billy was looking a lil perturbed there hehe She did it was in the beginning of the rant. I've heard it thrown around a couple times. first time here.
  6. 'Cheeto Jesus' ? Bwah! Funniest thing she's said
  7. Ok well now we know she is vacc'd. So that's all of them isnt it? So why can't they go back into the studio?
  8. Yes she was checking all the boxes. I loved how her hair was today. I wanted one of them to ask her if she had a hot date after or a job interview.
  9. But no VYD??? Is this really Friday? Ok Joy is moderating, Ana is here woo, Sara looks gorg, love the hair, and then there's..nothing more to look at lol. So i guess it is Friday.
  10. Ugh ok i don't wish the Mothers Day holiday speed up to get here and get gone. But i have to as long as they are playing that stupid ass ad for TJs, Marshalls, couple other stores. Its those 4 chicks singing that dumb song I've successfully blocked from my mind at the moment. Ill remember it shortly. Plus they're playing that dumb ad incessantly so I'll catch it again. Anyway, h-a-t-e it.
  11. My first thought was 'Gorilla Glue'. That was some shellacking lol
  12. Bwah! Give me a min while i wipe off my keyboard lol. Jdhf JFK dmcjbsckducnk Ok done. To answer your question, yes she has in the past.
  13. Awww why it gotta be Lane Bryant¿ Heehee j/k..tm RR Hazard pay
  14. True and i try to send him to websites not so Alex whatshisname. If anybody has an idea for patriotic-esque, please send me the url. Thanks
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