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  1. The faking it discussion was funny AF, but theyve discussed it before i remember
  2. Omg she had me rolling. But she's trying to hard and its not working. Shes a natural wit, and that shines through. Dont try so hard Girl, youre going to burn o ut. Ana strap yourself to the seat! I don't think to. She's too frail and cannot risk anything getting the virus. Wendy Williams just announced she's positive. Her new shows pushed back to 10/4 She's starting to come back to us after the last few years of darkness and evil. And right before she said that line, i think Reese said something about their notoriety and Joy said ' oh we have books'
  3. Bwhahahah that one had me holding my insides in so to not not pee my pants LOLOOOL
  4. no no no no. That would be so wrong and Joy would have Axx by the balls.it either matches or shes a lil more than W. Unless Joy made some sort of a backdoor deal with said network. Hmmm stocks maybe?
  5. About the Met Gala, i thought her outfit was inspired by Wicked. No?
  6. Couple points: first, i HIGHLY doubt anyone is freaking out at the View. You dont get to 25 seasons, and not see a thing or two. Deal with assholes all the dam day long. She knows nothing. Second point: you may want to double check your copy up above. I cant circle it but second line. First two words 'they freaking'. Now shouldn't there be a word in between? Like 'are ' ? Or were? I could be wrong. Joy, do you want to interject? Heehee
  7. Wait just one minute. He said that? As in not be married anymore? Alright i do empathize for MM there. What a dog. There's so many better for you. Use Paul Ryan as your model <grin>. A good guy. That other is a cheat waiting to happen. Just a lil fix up above. I totally believe you, but for legal..LOL
  8. I thought so too. She was the first person i knew of that had left the show. I was a newbie like i said, so didn't get much of what went down. I wonder if she would consider the gig. Or maybe just a one season contract, to be evaluated at the end if the wants to stay longer. I was just starting to watch when that all went down and some of the solicitations for the wedding. I would propose that she might be right for the fifth chair. What goes around, comes back around. Going full circle. yada yada. I don't know if Star got over what they did to her. She doesn't seem to hold gr
  9. And Paranormal Lockdown, and Kindred Spirits and i think Fact or Faked but iffy on that one
  10. Agreed on the subtle changes it feels like. I think they need to change their premise a little bit. I like that they each get to pick a spot, but the whole 'twist' of Dakota being the only one who knows where is kind of dumb. Whoever's week it is of course isn't going to say until its time. That's my only complaint. Not a complaint really, i don't know why but i have to mute it at that part hahHH. Stupid i know. I really like the show and i hope it goes on, that they don't get burned out. Two words 'Katrina Weidman'. She's disappeared. She always has good shows. I've followed her si
  11. Thank Goodness. She's y'alls problem now. She can join the party of ex's (hosts) and write her book lol BBBBBYYYYYYYEEEEE FFFFFFELICIA. 🚀🚀🚀 rocket on outta here
  12. No promise Whoopi won't be there. When there's a short week (Monday holiday) she'll come in on Friday
  13. Even she couldn't argue against sense
  14. Here's an idea ABC might want to implement. After you've had all the potential peeps jump through the hoops, why not have either a sit-it, a zoom or whatever. But just a private mtg with the ladies and i guess brian. Someone from abc course. And just ask the ladies what they think of the applicant. They started this not long agao and it went over well. Just ask them and be prepared for an honest answer. I bet the morale would go up some.
  15. Yeah the Valley Girl affectation was back. It hasn't really been around for, oh i don't know, 4years? Hmmmm.
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