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  1. I loved her HLN too. Did she lose the show only because they made a format change? That would suck for sure. They need to lose one or two hosts. Better yet just give them a shifting schedule. Everyone must take one weekday off. Different day per host. Ok cut down on the clutter, gives those more time. BFF? Nah. More like nice, sweet and connected. Lets invade her inner circle for awhile and see what we can git.
  2. I bet that went over well with Sunny. Was he ever on last week? We were pre-empted many times (as one would expect) and i didn't see him. What is he even on to promote?
  3. Yup. Pisses me off something fierce. My fav shows are all showing new eps. I dont have access to Twitter. Could y'all keep me posted on them and if they make any changes. Thanks so much
  4. So has anyone signed up for that pisser Dest+ ? It makes me mad, they are basically holding my favorite shows as hostage when ive already paid for them once through my cable bill. grrrrrrrererrr
  5. No it wasn't that. Its the security briefings and those kinds of meetings. Ana asked Comey if POTUS would get access. Comey said it is SOP to give all ex-Presidents access to those briefings. The reason being that they usually travel extensively worldwide for speaking engagements. So they brief him on what's going on where he's going, or if he himself is a target. So hopefully if POTUS is impeached once ✔, impeached twice ✔, and convicted ❓, he won't have that access. @GHScorpiosRule Thanks @Falltime
  6. Hi there. I believe it was the second segment and he only did two segs. I don't have the minute but the segs are only a couple mins long so i don't think you'll miss it. In fact i think they went to commercial right after it went down. Oh! And it was Ana who brought it up. So listen when she starts talking , like I know you already do. <g>
  7. Wow that bit about the access to the briefings scared me to death. I don't think many peeps knew that. I sure didnt.
  8. Well...if i can do the snark, i can also be good.....i thought MM looked very pretty today. Not so severe. *cough cough said it....* 🤣
  9. What really pisses me off is when they block 3-4 eps together, and say you've already seen, and just want 1 of those. You've got all that other crap taking up your space. Its very annoying. 2 eps i can handle. More than that gets an automatic delete from me
  10. Hmmm interesting. I too wondered about that clip, but sorry Capt D, you haven't really convinced me. That's all supposition. Nothing was shown how or proven. Yeah the cgi would be easy, but still he didn't test anything. I'm not convinced
  11. My fav comm right now is from Autonation and their Drive Pink (DRV PNK) campaign. The song is Andy Grammar, 'Cancer Free' and it has such a contagious beat you want to just start dancing everytime. And all the patients successfully ringing that bell, from Elders down to all the Kiddos its the gamut. Its just such an uplifting video, tears me up everytime
  12. @crazycatlady58, sorry CC58, it stands for Arrested Development.
  13. I know. Something is messed up. They are showing current eps, but they also have a run date of december. I think that's where the error is @patty1h.
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