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  1. Well...she is a professional heh. When did she say it, must have glazed right over it
  2. Yes that was a pleasant surprise. Is Joy's forum gone? I went to look and didn't find it. I wanted to see if she addressed it, at least tok confirm or deny.
  3. Sigh. That sux but i knew something was coming this last week she was so stressed. And SWSRN better not try and take ANY credit for it. I can hear, or i guess that should be 'see' her now saying she wore Joy down or something. Dam dam dam. Better not get any ideas Whoopi Im lookin at you! Sunny too! Alright thats going to vacate two seats now, Ana Im lookin at you now two errrr too! 🙃 gah. I hate change.
  4. Wow @GHScorpiosRule! That was really good. Im going to find the rest of that movie. I knew of it but never seen it.
  5. Yeah she seems to be lighting up a bit, not so doom&gloom. She needs to pass it down to Joy. She seems like shes sad at the moment and could cry at the drop of a hat. She seems depressed in some way. Everyone has a limit and i wonder if she's just reached the end
  6. Or that he's Liberty's God Father lol!
  7. Plus he may be waiting for a good time. Don't want to bulldoze. Now might be a good chance to mask,
  8. Or he just prefers to keep that part quiet, knowing he would instantly inflame his base. I don't think he's ever been there to support SWSRN, except for one of her birthdays.i saw him singing, but no chitchat with the woman of ***
  9. I've been seeing a ton of the Egyptians but i can't figure out who is Cleopatra. Is it Charlize?
  10. I wouldn't doubt it if she is sick. All last week she sounded congested and hoarse. Nasally. I personally thought she shouldn't have been there. But was holding up the ship.
  11. The lines have been terrible here, and if you have mobility issues there's no way i can stand for hours. I'm on strike three for Walgreens. Everyone there says you have to book an appt on line only. Ok no prob. Checked it out, they have a 3:00 appt and its now 2.30. I book it and rush back put. They decline me, saying I'm not on the schedule. Evidently they get a stack of spreadsheets for the week, and didn't say how they do cancellations or no shows. Went home and did it again scheduling a lil later. Still not on the schedule. He showed me where his report goes out 2 weeks at a time an
  12. No not unprofessional, just. Hmmmm dare i say..a bee in her bonnet? LOL. Or maybe just one stuck in her craw, or up the butt?? Ok enough haha. 🙃🥂😎 Mom's going to hit me
  13. hah! Very well put. 😸
  14. Nah, she could have done it . She looked personally fine. Plus skype has a thumbnail pic, so she'd see if something is wrong. If it doesn't work, it doesn't it doesn't work.
  15. I have a hard time believing She of many tongues will go back to DC for four more ysars. She maybe the saving grace. I feel so bad for Sunny. To be basically told you're second best even though you've there for years more than the new chick. Most every job I've had i felt very loyal too. It hurts to think TPTB considers you piece of shit
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